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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Milk Carton Alert

What the eff happened to Stoney Jackson? People have asked that over the years, and it does seem strange that he seemingly disappeared after being a staple of wackness and the jheri curl throughout the 80's. Kinda like Cuba Gooding would've been if he had a TV career. The last time I remember seeing him was in Chris Rock's shaky movie "CB4" as the rapper "Wacky D".

No milk carton needed, tho. It seems that he has worked pretty steadily in B movie heaven in the 90's (why wasn't I aware of this?) and more in television in the new millennium, even appearing on "Everybody Hates Chris" last year. How did I miss that? He seems to have a film that looks like it's going straight to DVD called "4-Bidden" (tagline: 'America's #1 R&B group is about to be rocked!').

Maybe he changed his name to Tony or something, or maybe we don't recognize him without his signature "Soul Glo" hair.


justjudith said...

wow -- nice new look. yeah, stoney's hair was no joke. remember when he joined the white shadow? wasn't that him? i should look it up but i wont lol. you owe me for shadowboxer :)

jon said...

Man was he in the proverbial "Turkey" of TV shows.

Invisible Woman said...

@jj: can't we find another way? doing research on Stoney is NOT my idea of a good time, haha. I don't know if he was on The White Shadow, but I wouldn't be surprised...he was all over the place back in the day. @jon: you mean "jive turkey". That sounds more corny and appropriate for Stoney...

justjudith said...

lol not jive turkey. that's funny.