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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Oh (Undercover) Brother.....

A lot of you guys have probably read about this by now, but this version is from Rhymes With Snitch:

Somehow Eddie Griffin was invited to perform at the Black Enterprise 14th annual Golf and Tennis Challenge in Miami on Friday. I know, right? This guy ain't been funny since, for-never! Anyway, ten minutes into his set they pulled the plug on his ass because he kept using the word nigga. After he was shut down, the well heeled crowd gave a standing ovation to which Eddie came back on the stage and yelled "Fuck y'all!' before leaving the venue.

From I.W.: As Scooby would say: 'Ruh ro'!


Mrs. Grapevine said...

My thing is...didn't they know this in advanced. Why didn't they seek Sinbad, or Steve Harvey? They are setting the rappers and comedians up to be ridiculed in order to send a message.

Honestly, who would hire Eddie Griffin for a family event? That's like asking the Ku Klux Klan to open the NACCP with a prayer. Talk about conflict of interest.

Black Enterprise dodged a bullet, but I really think they are part to blame for not doing their research.

I am not an Eddie Griffin fan, I just which things were balanced.

Jay Wilson said...

All I can say is that it's about damn time.

There's no way that we as a people can continue tolerating this word: It's OK for "us" to say, but bad for others to say BS has gots to go.

I wouldnt want anyone to even call me stupid, much less a hateful word that Whites used to classify me as a subhuman.

harleyblues said...

Hello Invisable Women,
off topic! your new site is tight really fresh looking, now I wish I could have a 3 columns setup like this, liken your new diggs
and I have added you to my blog also.
peace & Love
harleyblues is me-christina

Invisible Woman said...

thanks harley :-)

@MGV I agree 100%@jay: you make a good point; I always felt that it was hypocritical as well

Amias said...

If a word has so much power that it cause us to violate our own rights in freedom of speech, then we have a problem bigger than the word itself. I am an Eddie Griffin fan, and yes, he is raw, but it's also entertaining and release the pressure.

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

mrs.grapevine...ditto, I don't know what they expected? Bill Cosby.

Invisible Woman said...

For me, Eddie is best in small doses...but if you buy a dog and expect a cat, you deserve what you get