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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Surprise, Surprise...

Okay, so I try to support Black Cinema at every turn....even if I know it's gonna be painful. This usually happens at the video store when I see something that looks like it was made on $12.59 and a 6-pack of Colt 45.

I must say that the best way to approach these films is with zero expectations. That way, you might be able to enjoy something that is completely amateurish in every way. Just maybe. Imagine my surprise when I saw this film this morning and actually kinda liked's a j-list movie called "The Hit".

It is the story of a rap mogul (Blair Underwood) who is tired of the non-blacks taking all of the profits, and gathers all the rap labels together for their own super-distribution company. Of course the non-blacks aren't down with that, and super drama occurs. There are a couple of sub-plot elements, one good (two rappers find out they have the same goody-two shoes girl) and one that seemed like it was an afterthought (use part of the super company's profits to open a center to get kids and parents off drugs...huh?)

I was prepared to tolerate it and be disgusted as I usually am with these types of films. Plus it had Blair Underwood as the lead, who is in the reigning court of B -movies these days....never a big fan-he seems a little phony, and I can never quite get with what's going on with his hair.

Anyhoo, I started to dig this film. Not in a "The Departed" "this is the s__t " kinda way, but in that "wow, this isn't so horrible" kinda way. As I watched it, it dawned on me why it was okay with reminded me of the films I watched as a kid...the black exploitation flicks with the staples; Fred Williamson, Jim Brown, etc. I only rolled my eyes a couple of times...and Blair looked--dare I say it? Kinda fine.

If you replaced Blair with Fred Williamson, his girl with Judy Pace, and all the others with the faces of the black and white subpar actors of the 70's, it would be a perfect match. All of the elements were there:


-girls who can't act their way out of a paper bag, but are willing to appear topless

-fancy cars only a few people can afford-all rented of course

-everyone has convenient connections everywhere in times of trouble

-low budget sets for the most part, but main characters look like they live in Tommy Mattola's house

-a black love scene that is brief, but much more powerful than a half an hour of any non-black love scene

-a soundtrack that catches your attention

-an all out plan to get revenge on "the man"

Ultimately, I had no beef with this movie, but had a few questions....

-Why make Blair have liberal use of "what a nigga know" and "ain't" and "f__k"? It reeeealy doesn't suit him

-Why is Al B Sure in this movie for any reason (he is in for 4 minutes, 30 seconds)? Just so we can marvel at him saying "I''m about to dump on you nigga"?

-Do Italian/Americans get pissed off when they see themselves constantly played as mob stereotypes?

-If this movie was supposed to take place in L.A., why does two thirds of the cast have a New York accent and swagger? I'm just sayin'.

To watch this movie (full-length), click here. Let me know what you think.


James Seay said...

***Spoiler alert***

Like IW, I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting this movie really was. It does take you back to those black exploitation pics, just the clothes and cars are a little bit different.

-Ms. Mocha really laid it down with her bad mo-fo security team. She spoke, and everything magically falls into order.

-The high council of rap, really didn't have the polish of super mogul music execs, but strangely it worked.

-Angelo's friend, why did there have to be chicken sauce on his lips before he got smoked?

-There was a VERY heavy influence of Friday on this movie.

-The soundtrack reminds me of the beats I would make with my toy keyboard back in the 80s. Yes, the soundtrack is just that bad.

-Nice touch for the hero to be raised from the dead and literally walk out of the smoke to avenge the attempt on his life, can't say I have seen that before.

-Everyone in the movie has GPS hidden somewhere on their body because they ALWAYS know the precise place where the enemy or friend is at. AMAZING!

The movie was okay, definitely not one for the water cooler tomorrow, but strangely interesting. Blair Underwood played this role a little better in the movie "G", but he is unconvincing as a Suge Knight type thug....what a nigga know?

Mrs. Grapevine said...

I told you, he'll sneak up on you with them looks. LOL!

I'm actually tired of seeing Blair in these sub-part movies. Psycho he can play, but enough already. Gansgta roles, oh no.

It's too far of a reach.

Invisible Woman said...

@James-I know! I was gonna mention the greasy chicken lips in the post, but that would have given too much away...what grown man eats chicken and doesn't bother to wipe off the barbeque sauce?! I love your comments btw...

@MGV-This time I didn't care what role he was playin, those looks were working!

PurpleZoe said...

Damn. They took it down.
I have any iffy like vs.head scratching feeling when it comes to Blair but I'll watch it if I come across it.

FlyNerd said...

shit, sounds like my kinda 'sploitation flick! I will check it out...

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

IW, what is the name of the movie?

Invisible Woman said...

Dang! They did take it down. That's messed up, I wanted folks to see it. @ coloredgirls, the name is "The Hit"

harleyblues said...

being Itallian American myself I don't get tired of gansta movies portraying Italians as plain street thugs. Oh well, we got to be represented in some way, right? I think It's funny and take NO offense Love De Niro,Pescie,etc