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Friday, September 21, 2007


Ok, I had a bit of down time today, and of course being the blog addict that I've become I decided to put up a couple of posts. It's also a special day, for it is the first day of my official TERRENCE WATCH.

As a couple of my readers suggested, he "should be on daily blast". So that's right, every idiotic, hypocritical statement he makes, every backward, slickback manpurse carrying outfit, every girl he dates that is not the saint he supposedly said he wanted will be here. If I see it, you'll see it, and I will be vigilant until he goes away or shuts the f__k up, so it might be a minute.

First up, from Dlisted:

Terrence Howard infamously said a few weeks ago that he would only date a woman that uses baby wipes on her a-hole and gina. He said toilet paper does not get the area clean enough. Obviously, he has issues with cleanliness or so he says!

Page Six is reporting that Kim Kardashian may be stepping out on Reggie Bush with Terrence Howard! COME ON TERRENCE! That tramp is as clean as a truck stop urinal in the summertimes!

A source said the two were making out at Butter in NYC last week. "They were all over each other. She was sitting on his lap and he was rubbing her butt."

He was trying to make a wish!

Terrence obviously doesn't care about hygiene if he's hooking up with that whore of whores. Ugh, Terrence all the baby wipes in the Universe can't help that girl. I'm sorry.

From IW: and I reiterate-yuck.
p.s: that new ascot thing going on these days, terrence? not the look.

Update: From Dlisted: It was reported earlier that Terrence Howard and Kim Kardashian were making out at Butter in NYC last week. Kim denies all of this to UsWeekly and thinks the witnesses confused her with Terrence's girlfriend, Miss USA Rachel Smith. Rachel's the hotness that fell on her ass during the Miss Universe contest.


Amias said...

Dang! Well, it's been my experiences that some men have too many "tire thread" in thier drawers! Terrence use to make me smile, now he can kiss my "baby wipes".

Invisible Woman said...

mine too! and by the way, most men would not know if you use them or not, since we don't keep them out on public display...why doesn't he just ask a woman?


Terrence is a good actor n all,but something about him is just not right,[In Fred Sanford Voice]YOU BIG DUMMY! GET YO ASS OUT THE GAY BLADE!

hottnikz said...

Did anybody know that he has a brother that looks exactly like him? People say they are twins but I don't believe it. There are always mad Howard brother sightings here,lol. They live not too far outside of Philly.
I agree he needs to shut the eff up & stop wearing that ascot crap.

David McQueen said...

Thats what probably happens if you wipe your arse with too many baby wipes...LOL..that video was hilarious!!

PurpleZoe said...

Maybe this is just an ill-conceived publicity stunt.

Invisible Woman said...

You guys are all freakin' hilarious!