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Thursday, September 20, 2007

One Of The Most Important Films Of Our Time....

Hi all...a couple of things: I might not post for a day or two, as I'll be making my way back to offense to my folkses in NC, but thank God! haha Also, don't forget to wear black today in solidarity with our brothers and sisters to free the Jena Six. Blessings to those who are able to go; I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Anyway, I'll leave you with a couple of reposts of the important classic film "Action Jackson" starring Carl Weathers and Vanity. First up is a blogger you may not be familiar with, Tony Majestic, aka TM. His blog "I Can't Believe I Rented It" is slim, but hilarious. The following review is a bit long, but had me laughing all the way through...enjoy:

The only way this movie could be any more awesome is if they retroactively added “Eye of the Tiger” to the soundtrack and a training montage. That would take it off the scale of recordable words of human speak and into the realm of telepathy between dogs or the binary language of moisture vaporators. It’s got action, it’s got explosions, and it’s got both Vanity’s and Sharon Stone’s exposed breasts. I could end this review right now and you’d completely understand.

I never saw “Action Jackson” when it first came out. Even at the age of 10, I just didn’t like the look of the whole thing. I mean, he was a black guy, so naturally, his name had to rhyme? I seriously thought about these things as a child. I’ll tell anyone who will listen about how I never liked the Junkyard Dog or Roadblock from G.I. Joe because I couldn’t identify with their stereotypical antics, like dancing all time or talking in rhyme. So, I took a pass on “Action Jackson” assuming it would be more of the same.

Then, when I was visiting some friends back in Jackson, “Action Jackson” was put on and they all crowded around the TV to watch, because they loved this movie. I didn’t watch it all, but I did see one part that piqued my curiosity…Action Jackson ran down a speeding taxi on foot. I thought to myself, “This movie must be terrible. I have to see the rest.” So one day when I was in Wal-Mart, the Devil’s Store, I saw it in the five dollar bin. I bought it, and probably three or four other movies that I didn’t need to get.

That movie sat on my movie rack, in the plastic, for about two years. Then, yesterday came, and feeling the need to make fun of something, I decided to finally watch it. And you know what? This is probably the most awesome thing I’ve seen all day. And I don’t feel bad ruining it for you if you haven’t seen it, because the movie’s almost 20 years old. Personally, I’m hoping for a 20th anniversary DVD to be released, with updated pictures of Apollo Creed, who plays Action Jackson, so I can see if he’s still wearing eyeliner.

This movie has every 80’s action movie clichĂ©. A disgraced, over the top, renegade cop that’s living on the edge, a police chief that’s breathing down his neck, a respectable businessman who’s actually a murderous scumbag, complete with henchmen, hot women who get naked, the monologue where the bad guy details his plot to the hero, the romance between the hero and his love interest, no matter how trifling or shady the girl actually is, and let us not forget, the clever quips during and after the fighting. Not to mention, in true 80’s fashion, explosions where there probably shouldn’t be explosions (because in the 80’s, gas tanks were protected by a layer of aluminum foil wrapped in dynamite) and the rotating cast of men that you will only recognize from other 80’s action movies. It’s possible that I have a genetic defect that won’t allow me to dislike this movie.

What else does it have? It also has a scene that is so ridiculous that it came through the mists of time to embed itself in my brain, slap it in the face, and force it to make me spend $5.88 on this DVD.

Sharon Stone (because I couldn’t be bothered to remember her movie name) and Action Jackson are crossing the street, when Sharon makes the mistake of asking out loud why he’s called “Action.” In movies, you just don’t do things like that, because the Spirit of Dramatic Irony will be forced to drop an anvil on you or make zombies come out of the sewers. In this case, he sent a guy in a taxi to run them over, right on cue.

They jump out of the way, and at this point, the computer in his head starts giving him options. He can A:) Make sure the girl is safe. B:) Call for back-up. C:) Chase down a speeding cab on foot. And in true 80’s action movie fashion, he decides to pick the most ridiculous option possible, but because he’s black, he has to give it some flavor. So for a good two minutes, he’s running alongside a car that’s moving at least 50 miles an hour, yelling at the guy to pull over. The guy just sneers that 80’s henchman sneer at him and keeps driving, so Action Jackson leaps off of the ground, onto the roof of a parked car, and soars through the air and lands on the roof of the cab.

The henchman starts to swerve to get him off, but Action Jackson has the Grip of Righteousness on his side, so he stays on. Then, the guy starts shooting at the roof of the car, but that never works and all it does is piss off Action Jackson, a mistake that he warns you throughout the movie that you should never make, because it gives him superpowers or something. So he punches through the wind shield, which he could do without slicing his hand to ribbons because he braced himself, and starts grabbing on the guy, who slams on the brakes.

Action Jackson flies off the hood and rolls about half a mile down the road, and without a scuffed knee or anything, jumps to his feet and starts screaming nonsense at the guy, who sneers again and slams on the gas. And just when you thought the ridiculous couldn’t get no more ridiculouser, Action Jackson leaps into the air, clears the car by at least three feet, does a flip in the air and sticks the landing, just as the cab somehow leaves the ground and crashes into the building at the end of the street. The only reason this doesn’t cause an explosion was because Action Jackson had to get down there and see that the guy somehow got away without a trace.

And right after that, Sharon Stone winds up getting killed by Coach (Craig T. Nelson), who is her husband and the main bad guy. Coach frames Action Jackson for her murder and that sets up another 80’s mainstay: Action Jackson is on the run for a murder he did not commit and must clear his name and expose the insidious plot. While he was on the run, he hooked up with Vanity, who is Coach’s mistress, and forced her to help him because Coach was trying to kill her, too. Vanity spent a good half hour trying to get Apollo to give her the business, but he didn’t, because he was trying to get ready for the fight with Rocky. Or keep them alive. I can’t remember which.

I fail to see how you could walk away from a movie like this without a smile on your face. The only person who probably wasn’t happy with the results was Vanity, who played the junkie with a heart of gold (and panties of imagination). She was finally exposed as someone should only be holding a mic if she’s handing it to someone else AND as an actress who should only be called in if the waitress at the cafĂ© down the street gets hit by a bus. If she’s ever worked again, it’s proof to me that she gives really good head.

I still liked “7th Heaven” though. That’s probably the best nonsensical song I’ve ever heard. And I liked “Action Jackson,” too, even if they expect me to buy that this cop was so dangerous that they took his gun license away, yet kept him employed as a cop. Or if they expect me to believe that one can drive a Ferrari at top speed through a crowd of people without hitting anyone before going up two or three flights of stairs. Or if they expect me to believe that Coach is a threat to anyone except Stuart or Luther.

For all its faults, I still loved it. I think I loved it because of its faults, mostly because they just don’t make movies like this anymore, and if they do, they call those “direct-to-DVD,” and usually those are so bad that they make my skin burn. It was a nice little throwback to the days when you could invent drinking games based on the cast or the amount of explosions in the movie. Next time you and your friends get together, put this movie on and every time you see a guy that you saw in another 80s action movie, you have to name the movie he was in and take a shot. You also have to take a shot for every explosion. I expect to see more than a few of you in the ICU or a liver transplant list.

Watch this movie because I saw Carl Weathers in some commercial last week for a product I couldn't even name. He's about one stint in rehab away from winding up on "the Surreal Life." He could use our support right now.


Jay Wilson said...

Best Action Jackson review ever written. Perfectly sums up the over the top insanity of the flick. They indeed dont make em like that anymore.

Mrs. Grapevine said...

Sorry, me no likey.

Not a fan of most action films; I'm too cynical to watch them. I spend the whole time picking apart what's realistic and what's over the top. Every once in a while there's an exception, but this one is not. :(

Ehav Ever said...

I have to admit that I liked Action Jackson in the 80's. At the same time I don't want to watch it now and say, Wow I liked that movie. You are right it was cliched, but so was Commando.

Ehav Ever said...

By the way. I hope everyone realizes that if this was a really cliche 80's movie the cab would have driven through a fruit stand, a plant stand, a plate of large glass being carried by two guys, and a stand for empty cardboard boxes.

jon said...

All I could see was Vanity. I couldn't help it. I stuck with that crush even though she did that spasmodic s*it in "The Last Dragon". Holy crap.

belledame222 said...

didn't Vanity go on to get born again?

i didn't realize Sharon Stone was in that one as well. ah, the 80's. Maud be with the days.

Invisible Woman said...

@ ehavever: you have it down perfectly! I can see it in my head, haha @belledame:Yes, Vanity was born again, but maybe died again too, cause I haven't heard a peep. @jon: thanks for that clip you sent over; I'm gonna do something on that movie this week @jay and mgv: I reeeeallly think this is a guy movie, much like Predator.

Ehav Ever said...

Hey IW,

There was a cartoon called Dextor's Lab that did a sort of parody of the 80's car chase scene. The funniest part was before they crashed through each thing there was someone standing there trying to sell the items.

The first guy was standing there saying, Vegi tables, get your fresh vegi tables. Then the car came crashing through his stand. The last guy was yelling out, Card board boxes. Get your empty card board boxes. That is when the car came crashing through the boxes.

Invisible Woman said...

I LOVED Dexter's Lab! And guess what? I remember that episode vividly...that cartoon was genius.