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Sunday, September 2, 2007

What Now?

Ok, so I have a problem...every time Terrence Howard does or says something whack, I am right there. I'm obssesed and sickened at the same time.....I think I'll get through it with prayer.

Here he is discussing astro physics and "baby wipes" with human petrie dish Paris Hilton. Hope he's giving rather than asking for advice on cleanliness with her.

pictures taken from d-listed


tobenson said...

Leave the poor man alone, HAHA!


PurpleZoe said...

eeewwwwwwwww... This cat used to be

The swagger is gone, and it ain't comin' back.

And if I hear tell of one more black person talk about how they ain't black (Keke Wyatt to Terrence Howard--- or so I heard recently) because they have a little caucasian blood in their veins ( and really... alot of folks do, it was systematic indoctrination...) I'm gonna be sick.
Selling out on your own isn't acceptable.

Invisible Woman said...

I knoe TAO but I can't...@PZ that swagger is JACKED! I also read that article on Keke, but we already know she's a bit "touched" after stabbing her husband on Xmas day, yes?

PurpleZoe said...

Yes, but I was floored by her glamorization of her lightskin and Indian/White additional heritage. The fact that she made it sound as if she was somehow better because she's lighter-skinned than Beyonce was amazing to me... Her value system leaves me speechless.
She also mentions in an interview (I forget which one) that her mother who is white has no problem using the 'n' word and has called Keke and her siblings by the 'n' word all their lives... Apparently Keke has no problem with that and says her mother uses it non-racially...


I can see why Keke is touched.

Anonymous said...

I was done with Morris Day Jr when he enlightened essence readers (yeah you know who he meant) about baby wipes and who was likely to have a nasty snatch.

Invisible Woman said...

@ pz: A white person using n-----r non racially? Did she even finish high school? I know very little about her music, and now I'll definitely never know any more than I know now.

@anon...Morris Day Jr....well his nickname is "Slickback". I really think he should just start playing with boys....he seems to be at a great loss with women.

Mrs. Grapevine said...

Honestly, he just says things to sound profound, but comes across stupid. He tries to impress too many people. He is a chameleon, and now we know why he's an actor.

I heard him say rap music was hard for him to do in Hustle & Flow, because he listens to country. He had hard time finding the beat. It's the same beat in country, you idiot. Or like the time he claimed that he tried to date black women, but black women wouldn't date him.

Oh my, you got me started, I am stopping now because I can right a book about his fake-ness.

However, fake does make a good actor.

Invisible Woman said...

Great points Mrs. GV

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool then to open your mouth and ... and remove all doubt.

Invisible Woman said...

The doubt has been removed, honey, and like PZ said, it ain't comin' back.

PurpleZoe said...

Invisible Woman said...

@ pz: A white person using n-----r non racially? Did she even finish high school? I know very little about her music, and now I'll definitely never know any more than I know now.

Apparently Keke's mother felt the 'n' word was about ignorance and not race, so she justified calling her children by it regularly... You'd have to peep the interview ( I think? She posted both interviews).
Whether Keke realizes it or not, being called the 'n' word by a white parent/guardian/relative is bad for the mental health of a black child (oops sorry Keke... I forgot you don't identify as black...I'll rephrase: It's bad for multiracial children too even if they only have what was it you said you have? 25% black heritage?).

I used to loooove Keke's voice... now? I'm not gon' be able to do it. I don't think I have ever been more completely turned off in my life.

Sorry I am all off topic ^_^

Invisible Woman said...

I don't mind at all PZ...feel free to always say anything you want, on or off topic. All I can say is she doesn't seem very bright at all, and managers and handlers should recognize this in who they represent and act accordingly.

You don't see Beyonce going around and giving her opinions about everything, now do you?