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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Another Winner For Latifah (Insert Sarcasm Here)

King Latifah will make a cameo appearance in Fox's romantic comedy "What Happens in Vegas ... ," starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. Latifah's role is, according to The Hollywood Reporter, "a mysterious cameo."

The romantic comedy is about two people (Kutcher, Diaz) who go to Vegas and wake up to find out that they've gotten married, with one of them hitting a jackpot after playing the other's quarter.


Jenn said...

Love her. I have the bigest girl crush on her.

I am a new reader here so I am not sure if calling her "King" is an insult ot not but thought I would share my comment.

Invisible Woman said...'s not exactly a compliment...but I respect all crushes. Welcome! :-)

AirBourne said...

Why hate on her? I think she has come a long way, she is also gorgeous and seems pretty down to earth or cool - are you calling her King because of "Set It Off"?? Or you do you believe that film confirmed what you already thought? If she is, so what? (I just won't get a chance, WAH) If she isn't, then why the royalty diversion tactic??

Invisible Woman said...

@ airbourne: No hate....I have a pretty good life, so I don't really go opinion of her was formulated long before "Set It Off", after having to be in close proximity with her on more than a few occasions.

I find her neither gorgeous (which anyone can be with a full team of stylists and make-up artists) or a matter of fact, she can be kind of a b__ch, which has been touched upon here and there, but never widely reported (she probably has a good publicist too).

As for the "King" moniker, the black gossip blogs have been calling her that for years, I didn't make it up, as they call Vivica Fox "Aunt Viv". Btw way, I loved both Set It Off and her performance in it, so certainly my opinions are no way based on that...

Anonymous said...

Shes a dyke and it was obvious from her album. Anyone cryong about someone calling her on it is ridiculous.