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Monday, October 8, 2007

Spotlight On....Malcolm Lee

Yesterday I started a bit of a dialogue about how every black film film doesn't have to be a masterpiece, but at least try to seem like you give a f__k. Malcolm Lee is a perfect example of that type of filmmaker...

Yes, his cousin Spike gets all the dap, but to be quite honest, I find Malcolm's movies easier to take. They do not require work to watch, and don't have such a sledgehammer message that they leave you with a migraine.

Sometimes I wish our films would just tell a story, and that's what his movies do. Yes, there are elements of black life and what it entails in his films, but they focus mainly on what I say is lacking in many of our community's films; family, values, thoughtfulness, and people that seem like they paid attention in school. There is black love, and black prosperity. There are real characters and real dialogue. And yes, there is a message slipped in, but it goes down smooth like a limoncello martini.

His directorial contributions are slim; "The Best Man", "Undercover Brother", and "Roll Bounce", but I'm sure he'll be around for a while, and at least he's not making film after film to give you brain freeze (*cough* Brett Ratner*cough*). His sequel to "The Best Man" entitled "The Better Man" is currently in post-production. And I won't mind if it doesn't win an Academy Award, I will just be happy to see a black movie I can relate to.


Femigog said...

I loved Roll Bounce! It was adorable and positive and black!

Invisible Woman said...

All very black movies he's made, all positive...

hottnikz said...

You and these limoncello martinis. I'll have to try.

I would love to see what the sequel to The Best Man is like.

Invisible Woman said...

I want to see the sequel too!