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Monday, October 8, 2007



Undercover Black Man said...

I'm glad you labelled it, IW. I wouldn't have known it was Kerry.

Nice uvula she got, ain't it?

The BassettHound Simo said...

I dont why for sure, but I like Kerry. Her roles are always different so you could never label her. Plus shes just plain talented.

About this picture though....umm her weave is nice.

Urban Thought said...

I've always enjoyed seeing her on the big screen. The day I met her she was pleasant and down to earth. She smiles a lot also, which is a good thing.

Invisible Woman said...

You're so funny UBM...@simo I like Kerry too, and I think her weaves are one reason...@ut: that's another reason I think I like her, she never seems like she's having a bad day.

hottnikz said...

Why can I see her tonsils?

Gorgeous Black Women said...

Her hair and fashion game are (almost) always a perfect 10.

She's a talented actress. Quite intelligent from what I gather in the interviews she's done. Seems grounded. Fab fashion. What's not to love?