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Sunday, October 7, 2007


Terrence “T.P.” Howard will never learn. Gabby Union? She’s just not that into him. And considering the rumors about how many guys she actually is into, T.P. should probably take that as a major insult.

Spywitnesses at Spotlight Live in Times Square Tuesday say the actor tried to turn up the heat with Gabrielle Union, but she wouldn’t simmer. Maybe that’s because she’s already with the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade, not to mention past liaisons with Derek Jeter and Howard’s “Crash” co-star Ludacris. She rocked as Diddy took the stage at the industry’s weekly karaoke confab in the high-tech club.

On second thought, T.P. probably likes women who don’t like him, just because they won’t try to have sex with him and break his celibacy vow. I just figured it all out!

From IW: Just.....pathetic. But I do know Gabby better get her ass away from my 6th husband, Mr. Luda before weaves get wrecked, haha!


Femigog said...

I just cant make myself like TP after that jibberish he said talked in Essence about how Halle and Gabby didnt like him. How he gonna put them on front street like that?

Invisible Woman said...

He says so many dumb things...he really, really needs a new publicist.