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Sunday, October 7, 2007

WTF?.....Volume 9

I don't know what to make of this. Two folkses apparently had a tiff over a couple of movies I wrote about, and these emails were forwarded to me...I left out their specific names and replaced them with fake ones, but it's a bit confusing to me; maybe you can help me out.....

1st Email:
From Rhonda:
Why write to me? Write to the writer of the critique directly at: Have the same vigor when you write that person directly as you did below.

Penelope wrote:
Thanks for sharing! does not fluster me or upset me and critics well- admonish all they want- Not masterpiece theater, but the real beauty here is that we all had a vision and a dream- we carried it out; we finished the movie; got it sold and distributed and more important in this business we gave people work! Most of these folks can only have their criticisms and admonishments. Truth is- we get no admonishment from our peers who understand the struggle and the sacrifice in making a film- however bad you may think it is. Are we each responsible for the kind of message we send out? No. It's entertainment and in this case a comedy! Get a life people. What about the gangster, oh not so funny , can't spell filmmaker wack crap on BET? What about the mess that makes it to the big screen? What about the real problems facing folks trying to make it to the big screen? Where's that fight and those articles? What about the folks who refused to help and guide when they could have? Let's discuss that...These folks don't know me, my character, background or life story and struggles or what I go through daily to make a better way for Black people and women and the rest of us who do our thing and aren't afraid .

What about the awards So Fresh won? and the fact someone, somewhere keeps buying the movie; renting the movie; ordering the movie? can't speak for the others. But what is your point in sending this? Are we hurting filmmakers and writers? are we killing brain cells? are we making a political statement? did we rob anyone of dignity in the process of the filmmaking? no! So again- why are you sending this to me after 2 years of the movie being in store and nearly 6 since it was made? No mad. Just curious.

Thank you for the publicity oh critical ones! Perhaps my partner, the screenwriter and co-director can better address you...

Keep it funky

2nd Email:
From Penelope:
You sent the original email, and thus I responded to you. The author is free to contact me.

I've made my peace with it all and have spent my energy creating and producing more pieces to be critiqued or enjoyed!

3rd Email:
From Rhonda:
Your film was stereotypical garbage and I hope you don't make anything else remotely like that. You and your filmmakers have not progressed the noble cause of making quality African-American cinema, but impeded it seriously. I'm glad the Invisible Cinema site blasted that garbage. This below should be the face of your production company.

From IW: Bear in mind I was never part of this email exchange, and have absolutely no idea where it came from or why. What I do know is "Confessions of a Call Girl" and "So Fresh, So Clean" are hot petrified garbage, and the fact that either one of them won an award that was worth more than a Tic-Tac is completely dumbfounding to me, as well as deeply disturbing.

As one who has had the experience of working for a major studio, pitching scripts, working on production, and dealing with unbelievable executive racism every freaking day, I am even more firmly entrenched that just because someone has the means to make a film doesn't mean it should be "acceptable", non-threatening, stereotypical bullshit. That's why so many black films go to DVD. That should NOT be our goal; we have spiritual love, we have family, we have fierce sexual intensity and incredible beauty, none of which I saw an iota of in either one of these movies.

I admire ANYONE who can get a film made that is black, but I DO NOT agree that it should be some lazy, tired, 5th grade f__ed up mess to get it done. Not everything has to be a masterpiece, but there are so very, very, little of them made in our community. I find it laughable that someone defends "So Fresh, So Clean" so nobly. It would have been just as easy to try to make a decent film; Charles Burnett never has any Hollywood money, but he always has something to say in his films.

Let's fight the good fight and ELEVATE, people! How did we get from Langston Hughes and James Baldwin to this? Jena and BET were just the beginning....we are on our way.


Sincere said...

okay.. so the writer/director/producer or whatever got offended b/c you said that in your opinion the movies were 'hot petrified garbage'? Well I have to say that.. well maybe they are and maybe they aren't. that is your opinion based on what you saw. If they thought it was good enough to make than more power to them. i'm a little confused on why they didn't just reach out to you if they had a problem with your review. maybe because they know that the movies are 'hot petrified garbage' and are embarassed to admit it. I rented "confessions" after I saw your review and well, I have to agree. I'll just say to them, don't get mad just get better!!

Qadree said...

"Are we each responsible for the kind of message we send out? No. It's entertainment and in this case a comedy! Get a life people."

How are we not responsible for the message we put out? Too many people try to cop out with the "entertainment" excuse. If this were true we could go back to playing mammies and doing minstrel shows without any concern over the impact it's going to have (I think some of us have done this already).

I've heard many people blaming the proliferation of digital video for the increase in the amount of low quality independent movies. After going to a couple of film festivals recently I have to agree, the barrier has been lowered to where anyone can finish a movie now. Though this is good, many people aren't learning the basics before trying to create a finished product, and most don't seem to care.

There is a lack of respect for the medium that becomes quite apparent when people don't event stand behind the ideas that they put into their productions.

Yobachi said...

That fool typing that he isn't responsible for the message he puts out, was the dumbest shit he could have typed.

That attitude of irresponsibility is why so many black films are garbage, and we can't elevate in the culture. We have clowns like this holding back the progress, just to make a buck to make any kind of film.

And it's not a good boast to talk about you doing what you have to do just to get a movie made, because I don't care about or want just any movie made; I want good films made.

Maybe if his sensative ass spent more time crafting a decent script, rather than emailing people on the net about their reviews; he wouldn't make such wack movies.

Mrs. Grapevine said...

Man, what did I miss? Who fighting, what movie?

Ehav Ever said...

Hey IW,

I have found that when people throw this kind of rant they normally do it out of the blue, and they are fond on wasting their own time. 99.9999% agree with you. Besides I like your use of terminology, hot petrified garbage is another funny one.

If someone is able to sit down actually come up with, pitch, and act in these kinds of hot petrified garbage they should have no problem with people criticizing it.

On another note, I would to see you do a review of Hav Plenty and For Your Love.

Invisible Woman said...

thanks guys, for the input...all very thoughtful and intelligent. @mgv: I'm just as confused as you are...@qadree: do you have a blog or website? I'd like to see it.