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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Today In B'Days

Nia Long is 37-wow.

I was never excited by her as an actress, but she has been in plenty of high profile black films, and is a staple of Black Hollywood. Happy birthday.

Michael Beach is 44.


PurpleZoe said...

She's purty.
I can't say she's been a favorite, but I'm not mad at her. She's a decent actress.

Invisible Woman said...

I do agree with the first part of your statement...

justjudith said...

i think her acting is good because when you are talking to her she doesn't seem nearly as accessible as she does on screen. this was several years ago and maybe she has changed -- i don't know. i have always liked her choice in roles up until that ice cube family comedy.

Villager said...

Nia is forever enshrined in the Black actress hall of fame because of her role in the love song with the little short guy -- Larenz Tate. I forget the name of the movie at this second ... but, it was a great love story; showcased the spoken word for one of the first times in film ... and Nia was simply FOIN!

Just my thoughts from the other side of the village!

peace, Villager

jamie said...

nia is a milf in training haha

Invisible Woman said...

Nobody can deny that she looks great, even now.