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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Please, Please, Please--Just Be Quiet

So there is this "black" film critic that is seemingly starved for attention, Armond White, who is always going against the grain. I don't really speak on him, cause I think he does it on purpose so he can see and hear his name in public. He said some pretty f'd up things about the Don Cheadle/Kasi Lemmons movie "Talk To Me", which I commented on this summer in my post "Urkel Is That You?" and here.

Well, it seems that Mr. White is still riding the crazy train to senility based on an article I read on The Politic.Com:

Black Cinema & White Criticism

Armond White rides to the defense of mediocre black director Tyler Perry. Why is Perry consistently slaughtered by the critics? Yep, you guessed it. If you have an ear for the absurd with an intellectual bend, this may be one of the funniest articles you ever read. Some excerpts [including a spirited defense of R. Kelly’s “vernacular”]:

"Most critics don’t “get” Tyler Perry basically because most critics are whites who are not only clueless about Perry’s African-American culture, but unsympathetic to his particular expression.

"It’s alarming that American film critics alienate themselves from the aspects of Perry’s films that should be universal.

"Perry’s critical beat-down isn’t an issue of knowledge—or taste—so much as cultural preference.

"Nothing in Knocked Up is as meaningful as Perry’s spectacle of men who must restrain their anger physically or his politically incorrect fashion show of women proudly, luxuriously wearing furs as signs of pleasure and achievement.

"This happens to be the basis of R. Kelly’s extraordinary music-video opera, Trapped in the Closet—a work of true genius that the media has also underrated and ridiculed. The media mocks R. Kelly’s vernacular (calling it “crazy” is the easiest way to avoid its daring and brilliance) just as Perry’s comedy and Eddie Murphy’s in Norbit are disdained as unsophisticated or vulgar.

"Besides, Denzel will take us back to modern slavery next month.

From IW: What?


Thembi said...

"luxuriously wearing furs as signs of pleasure and achievement"

Amias said...

Now I am laughing so hard I am about to piss on myself --- these are some very funny post and glad I am back on line. I will echo you, What?

Invisible Woman said...

this guy is soooo nutty and attention starved; his momma probably ignored him growing up...

Regina said...

I will have to agree with previous comments by saying..."WHAT??" It's a good thing I'm no longer a cursing woman!

Invisible Woman said...

Blessings accepted...Armond can use a few!

harleyblues said...

Humm perhaps white critics are a lil green with Perry's success wishin they could portray the black exeprience? If your not raised in this kinda enviroment or culture how could the suits even feel it? For me The best films ARE black films. Itallian Mafia portral's and gang banger flicks. When's the last time we seen a real good white film growin up in American,that was exciting? Stand by me? The above mentioned tell it like it is!

Anonymous said...

well its easy why he defends tyler?

the limp wristers must stick together.