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Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Holiday

I spoke a bit on "Friday" yesterday...I like the first and third installments; let's just act like the second never happened. Saw this the other day on "The Assault on Black Folk's Sanity". To me it's one of the funniest sequences in the movie "Friday After Next".....Terry Crews always makes me laugh, and no matter how pimped-out and un-p.c. Katt Williams is considered, that negro is hilarious. Here is some holiday cheer; love how they play "The Nutcracker Suite" in the background....


Darkbrotha said...

i tried to hate on him but the dude is just funny as hell.

Bohemian Hippie Chick said...


Invisible Woman said...

@darkbrotha: I couldn't hate on him if I tried; he is just too funny, sorry! @bhc: the other one too; "PIMP DOWN!"

Tayo said...

Never saw this movie, but did having John Witherspoon voice Grandpa on Boondocks allow them to "borrow" so heavily from the "Friday" movies?

Oh, and I love Mr. O'Shea Jackson!!!

Invisible Woman said...

Tayo...if you love O'Shea, and you love funny, you MUST see this movie! (sorry, I love Pop on the Boondocks, but it is also the same character from "The Wayans Brothers").