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Thursday, November 8, 2007

I Don't Think So.

While on one of my bloggin' buddies sites, Urban Observation, I came across this test to see which movie most fits your life: How they came up with this one I'll never know (wtf?); maybe I should take it again and answer more of the questions.


Urban Thought said...

I took the eight question survey twice and got two different movies (they supplied different questions).

Take the longest survey (if you have time). You may find it to be more accurate.

Regina said...

I also got Mr. Smith goes to Washington! and I took the 45 or whatever, the long one. Interesting!

Cassandra said...

I took the 45 questions and got Indiana Jones!

Invisible Woman said...

You must be a fabulous woman Regina :-) Indiana Jones is definitely flyer and more interesting...thanks UT, I'll do it today.