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Friday, November 9, 2007

TERRENCE WATCH!-part seven

"We don't believe you, you need more people" as Fresh from C & D would say. Got this little item from Mrs. Grapevine regarding my Terrence Watch!-part 6:

Q: That shower scene – was that you running around naked?

Howard: No, that was a stand-in. I am much better endowed! Or it was a very cold day.

Q: How did you ease into that?

Howard: I didn’t ease into that. My friend Jim Sheridan was sitting there, struggling for two hours with a scene that he wanted. We tried to do it with coverings and all that and it was not a part of his vision. It was hurting him. I saw him sitting at the monitor just rubbing his head. I went to Jim and – I guess I should have been smarter and shouldn’t have done it.
I went to Jim and I said, ‘Can we do one more?’ He said, ‘I don’t know if it’s going to make a difference.’ I said, ‘You know what?’ I took my drawers off and I turned to 50 and I said, ‘This is us. This is who we are.’

He said, ‘Nigger, fuck you! I am not there. They ain’t gonna put a poster of you up. Me they gonna freeze frame and put a poster up and say, Look at 50’s bitch ass!’ I said, ‘Just try it. Jim really needs it.’ And he said, fuck it, took his drawers off, jumped right in. The other five people in the scene did it too, and then you saw Jim all excited again. He was all alive. I was happy.

From IW: Alrighty then. btw, I did a little snooping, and that picture was on Concrete Loop two years ago, supposedly direct from someone who worked on the movie....hmmmm.


Sincere said...

Every time I read about or see slickback I think like Martin Lawrence said in 'You so Crazy' he's a little "Crrrrazy, Deranged!!!!"

Invisible Woman said...

I love the name Slickback...and it so fits his crazy self.

MrsGrapevine said...

In this quote he sounds a little gay. He seems too excited about the scene, and a little happy about getting 50 naked. I'm not saying he's gay, just gayish.