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Friday, November 9, 2007

New Flick For Van Peebles...

From AOL:

Mario Van Peebles has had his fair share of ups and downs in this business. While a few of his films like 'New Jack City', 'Panther', and 'Badaass' are considered considered cult classics, he's had some clunkers, like 'Jaws 4', 'Posse', 'Solo' and more than you can name, but you have to give him credit for keep trying.

In his latest venture, Peebles has signed on to direct his sci-fi screenplay 'The Uniter', which Don Kushner and Brad Wyman (Monster) are producing.

According to Variety, 'The Uniter' chronicles the journey of a political fugitive who escapes from the future back to the present to teach a 13-year-old how to use his powers to unite the warring factions of the world before it's too late for planet Earth.

From IW: They were speaking the gospel on ups and downs. Unfortunately, this new one looks like it's going to be solidly placed in the "down" category.


Thembi said...

New Jack City WAS a clunker...if you pay attention most of the dialogue is horrible but it somehow was a great movie anyway. I cant believe Panther is considered a cult what cult? The Bokeem Woodbine School of Acting???

Regina said...

I'm no big fan of Mario but...
New Jack City - classic comedy, "Am I My Brother's Keeper? Yes I am!" HAHAHA.
Panther - wasn't Bobby Brown a crackhead in that! Hilarious!!

But I love the Posse! The Mo Tea Sah Tribe!! classic comedy!

I don't know which is worse Mario's acting or his movies. Both are pretty sad!

Oh Yea... the Bokeem Woodbine School of Acting?!?! Hilarious!

clnmike said...

Panther was a clunker for me.

Invisible Woman said...

I don't really consider Panther a classic either (has anyone seen it or the lead since it first came out?), but New Jack City is--for better or for worse. To be clear, Mario's dad was an even worse actor, but is considered a black cinema hero, so there ya go.

The Mo Tea Sah tribe? That's funny, I don't remember that line...but I do remember the Slap-A-Ho tribe from another movie!

Regina said...

What??? How can you not remember that line it had to be the funniest in the movie! Time to go out and find a copy to review! I need a good laugh, and these newer movies don't really do it for me!

Invisible Woman said...

Regina, I do have to see that movie again....I barely remember it!