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Monday, November 12, 2007

I Don't Wanna Play.....

Okay, I still haven't written about the American Black Film Festival, and at this rate it looks like I may never. I did see this little flick....I had to decide between this one and a Bill Duke (whom I adore) directed film called "Cover", and decided the Duke film subject matter was too depressing. Little did I know my experience with "Three Can Play That Game" would be even more depressing. I don't like to ruin things with my opinions before folks get a chance to see it, but, well, let's just say you won't see me recommending this is a round-up from AOL:

Recently at the American Black Film Festival, the closing night film were actually two films that featured Vivica A. Fox. The first film was 'Cover', which was directed by Bill Duke. 'Cover' is an indie drama centering on a woman in a black family struggling with AIDS and faith issues; and the second was 'Three Can Play That Game', the sequel to 'Two Can Play That Game'.

Also starring in the film with Fox are Jason Winston George, Jaszmin Lewis, Tony Rock, Terri Vaughn, and Kellita Smith.

Within the film, Shante Smith (Fox) is a relationship expert who uses her knowledge of the male psyche to help women get what they want.

The film is directed by Mody Mod, and produced by the men who brought you 'Stomp The Yard', Will Packer and Rob Hardy.

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisition Group likely will release the feature as a straight-to-DVD title, though a theatrical release is possible.

From IW: I think straight to DVD is the much bigger possibility, but as Jesse would say "keep hope alive". Two things of note: I think I have a big crush on Tony Rock, and Kellita Smith really, really gets on my nerves.


Thembi said...

I love watching you try, IW...but you knew what you were getting into with the sequal to Two Can Play At That Game. You just knew.

I have a crush on Tony Rock too - Im glad to see him getting work!

Invisible Woman said...

Agreed on both points Thembi...

Yobachi said...

Who's the chick in the pic at the top? She looks kind of hot.

Cover sounds interesting.

Invisible Woman said...

@Yobachi: I will eventually see Cover, as I love Bill Duke....I don't know that woman's name...everybody in the movie did look good, tho, I can say that.