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Monday, November 12, 2007

Milk Carton Alert!

Thinking of Bill Duke made me think of this one--what the eff happened to Victoria Dillard?

Dillard played the perennial girlfriend in many a black film, most notably "Deep Cover" a community favorite. It's rumored that Laurence Fishburne left his wife for her, then cheated again on Victoria and dropped her for someone else....but I digress.

In the new millennium she has played Betty Shabazz in "Ali" in 2001, and was in a bunch of "Spin City" episodes, which I wouldn't know about, since I never watched. All in all, I think a milkcarton is in dire need here....can't even find a decent picture of her on the net.

For the 3 of you that don't know about the black classic "Deep Cover" the synopsis is this from IMDB:

A black uniformed policeman is recruited by a devious drug enforcement agent to infiltrate a smuggling organization seeking to expand into designer drugs. This 'ugly side of the war on drugs' explores the context of race, identity and hypocrisy within a brutal and alienating investigation.

IW: I prefer to think of it as one of the sexiest movies ever, and it also made half of the black females in the nation fall in love with Jeff Goldblum, haha. Oh yeah, and Snoop was genuinely cool then.

Here is a clip from the movie...why is powder coming out of that dude's chest.....and was he in Full Force?

Here is a scene that I remember the whole theater saying in unison "OH SHIT!" Gangsta.


MrsGrapevine said...

I have one, Lela Rochon.

Chocl8t said...

Ms Victoria can be seen in a Home Depot commericial as a wife who is seeking to remodel her kitchen.



Shelia said...

Thanks for outing me IW, LOL. I'm one of those three who never saw Deep Cover. I also have no clue who this Victoria Dillard is, but I'll stay on the lookout for her.

Also, I too had a secret nerd crush on Jeff Goldblum. I always thought of him as such a sexy nerd, still do. But I never told my girls, they probably would have revoked my playette card.

Fa Sy said...

Jeff Goldblum is hoot. As for the Dillard girl, who knows, Hollywood can be a tough town and once you go infamous, you never come back.

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

@Mrs. Grapevine...Lela Rochon aka Mrs.Antoine Fuqua. Last time I seen her was on the cover of Jet, happily poppin out babies.

@chocl8t...thank you, thank you, thank you...everytime I see that commercial I start speaking like my grandmother
"Lawdy, that child looks just like the girl that was in that movie with that Larry, er uh Laurence Swordfish boy".
I asked someone was that her and they said no.
I knew I was right, thank you.
She has put on a couple of lbs but she still looks cute.

Thembi said...

I remember her as Denzels wife in Richochet, right? I was too young to see him in boxers back then so it really stands out.

I saw Debi Morgan on an episode of Good Times last night. Maybe they have the same agent...

Bohemian Hippie Chick said...

I love that movie!

Best line: (Laurence Fishburne after Jeff Goldblum shoots Clarence Williams III)"Daaaviiid...youuuu...shouldn't a done thaaaat!!!" :)

Anyway, that is Victoria Dillard in the Home Depot commercial. I think she was also a regular on some crime show..not sure, but I guess work is work.

Regina said...

HomeDepot should be a good gig for her, they charge enough for their merchandise so they can afford to pay her!
I also had a crush on Jeff (didn't everyone??) I remember Deep Cover because Larry, oh excuse me "Laurence" was HOT back then. before he bacame to good to be called Larry. Yea, he's not so hot now is he?

Bohemian Hippie Chick said...

I was in denial about it, but I had a crush on Jeff Goldblum too dammit!

I had a serious crush on "Laurence" back then...he was hotness. You're right Regina, he's not hot at all now.

Invisible Woman said...

Yes, lela Rochon doesn't have to do a damn thing with Antoine Fuqua as a hubby...when you guys mentioned that commercial, I did remember seeing it and thinking :damn, has it come to that?" but like BHC says, work is work. She was the wife in Ricochet as well.

Rest easy Shelia; as you can see, others were in the Jeff Goldblum club too, me included. And yes, Larry's (as I first wrote, and had to change it to "Laurence")hotness factor has gone down about 93%, but at least he still has a solid, dignified career. We just won't see him on any "hot" lists :-)

8thlight said...

She wasn't in a few episodes. She was a member of the cast. lol