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Saturday, November 3, 2007

J.D. Walker the Boss Talker...

While reading an article on the supposed "Top 10 Black Horror Films" I came across this pantheon of ridiculosity that I had completely forgotten about, "J.D's Revenge". This is Glenn Turman at his most undignified (and I think when he was married to Aretha Franklin) and blackexploitation at it's exploitiest. The convoluted plot from AOL:

The story centers around a Isaac (portrayed by Glynn Turman), a young college student studying law in New Orleans. During a hypnosis act, he becomes an unwilling host for the restless spirit of J.D. Walker, a hustler killed during the 40s. J.D. Walker ran numbers during World War II and was murdered by Theotis Bliss, who also murdered his sister, Betty Jo, because of the secret she held about her baby daughter. After being discovered with Betty Jo's lifeless body, Elija Bliss (Louis Gossett Jr.), the thought to be father of Betty Jo's child and brother of Theotis, accused J.D. of being the killer and was gunned down by the real killer. J.D. returns 20 years to reveal the truth to Elija and to kill the murderer.

From IW: Hmmm...I think they need to look into a new copy writer...anyway, here is a clip (with some weird inappropriately dubbed music from the youtube poster) from the movie-you might wanna mute the sound...I remember when I first saw this scene asking why dude kept going after J.D. If things made sense in this film, though, there wouldn't have been a movie.


DB said...

that movie was a classic! i may need to watch that in the next couple of days.

Chocl8t said...

I remember going to the movie with my older sister to see this. The Circle Theater on St. Bernard Avenue in New Orleans!!! Thanks for the throwback!!

Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said...

JD's Revenge is the FLICK! Glynn Turman at his overacting best! Great throwback!

Invisible Woman said...

This is definitely a camp at it's best!