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Sunday, November 4, 2007

TV One Comes Wit It Hard Today...

Now that I'm in L.A., I have to get used to the new TV schedule and channels...I also have Direct TV now, which I think was commissioned from the devil. I get frustrated, so I'm barely watching, and almost missed this throwback heaven marathon today (sorry for the late post).

Aaron Loves Angela: A movie I have always been aware of, but will be watching for the first time today....stars a young pre-White Shadow Kevin Hooks and Irene (Fame, Sparkle) Cara. The IMDB plot is this:

Aaron and Angela, two young adults living in the ghetto of New York City, are deeply in love with each other. The only thing standing in the way of their love is their families. Aaron is black, while Angela is Puerto Rican, and neither family wants one of their own to associate the others. As the pair rebel against the prejudices of their families, they soon find the conflict spreading out to their friends and neighbors, until the hatred threatens to spiral out of control.

Sounds like a 70's "West Side Story" was directed by Gordon Parks (my hero!) and also has Moses Gunn, a classic black actor, and Kevin's fine-ass father, Robert Hooks, playing a pimp/pusher or something like that (he's wearing a big hat and says "solid" a lot--not good). I'm watching the opening as I blog, and one of the basketball teams is named "The Puerto Rican Devils" in New York (how un-PC) can't possibly end well. Oh, just saw basketball legend Walt Frazier badly acting his four lines with a fur coat and driving his 70's Rolls! Oh, just saw a commercial break segment on the Turks & Caicos festival...Jasmine Guy now looks 90 instead of 70!

Next up is "Sparkle", nuff said.

After that, "School Daze"...a messy, ambitious, Spike Lee directed hodge-podge of everything and everybody black and alive at the time. After 20 years, I am still trying to piece this movie together in a way that sits easy, haha.


MrsGrapevine said...

Enough said? You just knew if you post it, MGV would come.

Thembi said...

On the contrary IW, I've always considered this clip from School Daze the most palatable yet comprehensive discussion of hair within the black community EVER. Its like part of the "understanding the pathology of black hair" graduate level course or something.

MsMarvalus said...

Oh, I wish I had read this earlier...I love Sparkle!!! But I got my fix from the video...thank you, thank you, thank you!

hottnikz said...

The Jiggaboo's & The Wannabee's are a classic,lol!

MrsGrapevine said...

I'm a Jiggabee, or a wannaboo!

Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said...

I LOVE Aaron Loves Angela! That's a hard to find flick too. The Jose Feliciano soundtrack is the bidness. Your blog is banging lady...I'm loving it!

dc_speaks said...

seeee....i totally agree with thembi.

and to think I thought i might get to see"she's gotta have it"...dang!


Invisible Woman said...

@thembi and dc and hottnikz: I randomly picked this scene, and tho a bit strange with the big musical performance, it was definitely the one the that made the most sense to me...did they make those hair-dos 3 feet high on purpose?

@mgv &mm: do you know I've seen this movie 100 times and cried every ten minutes on it Sunday? Weird.

@ jcd: I was REALLY surprised to see Jose Feliciano in this!