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Friday, November 23, 2007

Movies, Movies, And More Movies....

Hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday...I personally celebrate "Gratitude Day", out of affinity for my Native American brothers and sisters. Thank you to all who wished me well; back at you 100 fold :-)

I have folks in from Philly (whassup Thembi!), but I have been on a mini-marathon of films....I said last week that I would be watching some different types of films to mix it up, and since this blog is for my community and it's films, I'll make it brief:

Beowulf: Visually stunning, and was like reading those Greek mythology books you read when you were a kid....I loved it.

Video DVD of "Live Free and Die Harder": I love The Bruce, but put the leather jacket down, dude.

Lions For Lambs: I've always admired how Robert Redford makes movies for grown-ups. No matter what the critics say, it had a difference that is sorely missing in American film.

No Country For Old Men: The Cohen Brothers finally go back to their violent, dark comedy roots a la "Fargo" and I say welcome back....loved it.

And finally.....I rewatched "Talk To Me" on DVD. Damn. There were some parts where I was socializing in the lobby the first time..... I saw it in it's entirety this time. Ummm....let's address the scene where Don Cheadle and his girl Taraji P. Henson (Wilona on steroids) bust into the radio studio and demand a job? wtf???!!! I missed that scene the first time, and if I had seen it, I would have known that no matter happened afterward, this movie was doomed. Who goes to an office full of white folks and says ""F__k this s__t" , "F__k you!" and "What the f__k?" trying to get a job? Did this really happen? LMAO at justjudith talking about watching this movie with the captions on, and not only did they say "nigga" on film a hundred times over, the captions said "nigger" every time, and it drove her crazy. All in all, I really do think the dialogue coupled with Taraji P. Henson's cooning did this film in....better luck next time. Here is one of the reasons this movie didn't work:


Regina said...

aaaahhhhh, see that is not right! I also watched Die Harder & Talk To Me over Thanksgiving! Sorry to disagree with you but i actually liked Talk To Me. I didn't like the overly excessive cursing (good Lord, that was a bit over the top) and I surely didn't like the girlfriend (but if you think about it would you really want to see a "good" black actress in that role?? I don't think so!), But I like some of the underlying messages...
1- People often try to live life through others.
2- People get disappointed when a "person" that we put on a pedistal falls off and we have the nerve to get mad.
3- Everyone in life is not slated for the million dollar life, some are just regular folks, but God can still use even them.
4- people need to look at themselves in the mirror and allow themselves to really "see" who and what they are.
5- We really need to not be so self-absorbed and really listen when people talk to us, that will stop a lot of confusuion in it's tracks.

So i came away from that movie thinking about life and how 1 person can affect so many with out being rich, famous, notable, or even worthy.

Plus I LOVE Don Cheadle!

Blessings, Regina


Ok...maybe I need to look at this whole movie...eventhough my being is saying (to quote amy winehouse) no no no...that scene sucked.

Hey Invisible- how are you darling?

Regina said...

Ivent, a lot of the beginning made me cringe and the Amy Winehouse in me was surely screaming no no no! I think the worst for me was him asking the receptionist about having her P***y eaten.
But once i got past the nonsense I saw things a little differently, and I actually saw a meaning.

Invisible Woman said...

Regina, you kinda underscored my point, in a way. I liked the movie as well on some levels, but the cursing and cooning in the beginning are so off-putting that it probably soured a lot of people from having an open mind about the rest of the film, therefore not being open enough to receive it messages. And anybody who reads this blog knows I LOVE the Cheadle too! :-)

BTW, Amen on numbers 3 and 5.

@Ivent: I am wonderful, darling, as I hope you are! You had me laughing at your comment....

Invisible Woman said...

PS Regina: I notice you didn't say anything about the Die Hard movie, haha

MsMarvalus said...

I haven't seen Talk To Me...but that scene actually had me guffa a is over the top and outrageous...I will have to watch the movie to get the meaning...but I think I already understand...I want to see the Beowulf though, it looks exceptional...

jamie said...

"the way she moves" jus looks like reg. old cooning, puhlease miss me w/ all that!

and "the mist" was one of the worst movies id ever seen (i did like the fact that the theatre serves a full menu and open bar..)

MrsGrapevine said...

I saw so many movies this past week, and Talk To Me was not on the list, I guess I got to go back to the store.

Regina said...

Sorry, I got all caught up in DON CHEADLE! I also liked Die Hard (Sorry no deep sermon for this one!!!). No matter how old Bruce gets he is gonna keep doing his thing (He'll be doing Die Hard 29 as a zombie saving the graveyard from Russian zombies, or some mess like that!!) I like that guy from the Mac / PC commercials too.
But back to DON CHEADLE, I decided to watch him in Devil In A Blue Dress (Man, I love that movie).
DC DC DC, Oh sorry...

My kids went to see the MIST on Saturday. They came back in the house, woke me up and boy were they heated! That's all I'm gonna say about that!

Blessings, Regina

Invisible Woman said...

@Regina...that's what the kids (and Jamie) get for going to see that--lol :-) My crush on The Cheadle started with "Devil in a Blue Dress".... lol @ Bruce the Zombie-but it seems like he may end up there!

@MM gotta give YT props, the movie Beowulf was amazing. @MGV: when you see Talk To Me, let me know what you thought--I'd like to know

@jamie--I think I might go see any movie (including whack "Mist") if a full bar is involved!