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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Today In B'Days

Tyra Banks is a suspicious 34. I used to see her around in the days of "Higher Learning", and she wasn't some fresh-faced teenager, that's for sure...but that's all I'll say about that, cause she was always nice.

I tried to find a clip of "Higher Learning" on the net but couldn' could be because notorious meanie and human moleman John Singleton shuts any infringement down, or because the movie was so tired no one bothered to upload it. I haven't seen the movie since it was in theaters, and it made such an impression on me (not) that I didn't even remember that Ice Cube, Regina King, and Jennifer Connelly were in it.

Following is a clip some college students made reenacting one of the scenes in the film...lmao that they're acting all "urban" with cockney and African accents--pure comedy!

12 comments: said...

A "suspicious" 34.


Danielle said...

Tyra ain't no damned 34! LOL! Happy Birthday to her though. I've never seen Higher Learning. My interest in John Singelton's projects has been pretty low lately.

Regina said...

The best thing about Higher Learning was Ice Cube. Tyra's death scene was garbage. And she looks like an alien to me in the picture you have posted!
But she is making her money, HEEEYYY!

Kayos said...

Higher, talk about taking a person back.

All I remember from that movie was Omar's ugly expression after witnessing white boy's suicide and screamin, "Daisha!" Talking about emotion.

I have to agree with Tyra's suspicous 34. I would say more like 38 and acts dumb like 21.

But like regina said...she makin money!!!!

Invisible Woman said...

You guys are funny...glad I'm not alone in sideyein' that 34. But like you said, she's rich...she can say anything she wants, haha!

@regina--to tell the truth, all I can remember was that death scene, cause it was so bad. I also remember not feeling any emotion when I saw it!

@kayos...I never really feel Omar anyway.

Regina said...

But man didn't Raphael Saadiq kill that song "Ask Of You" from the movie ! That was my jam!

Invisible Woman said...

In my book, musically, Raphael can do no wrong. That song was simple, original, and beautiful (the video too).

belledame222 said...

As an actual 34 with aging angst, I'm just happy that apparently someone's willing to lie about BEING 34.

yes, i am odd, and vain.

anyway she's still gawgiss. alien, yes, but a -hot- alien.

Invisible Woman said...

belledame222: I will be 39 if I live to be 100, haha!

Afrodite said...

Dead @ "a suspicious 34"

I concur.

Afrodite said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Invisible Woman said...

That's Ok tho, I ain't mad at her...