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Friday, December 7, 2007

Today In B'Days

Serious actor Jeffrey Wright is 42.

I always have mixed feelings about him; he sometimes comes across as stiff, overly studied, and methodical in his films, but he always chooses great roles without a whiff of coon...maybe he should do a comedy or romantic comedy to mix it up a bit....a great day to him anyway.

Btw: He is slated to play Easy Rawlings (the role made famous by Denzel Washington in "Devil in a Blue Dress") in an upcoming film called "Little Scarlett". Was Denzel not available?

8 comments: said...

I saw Wright last night in Casino Royale. Smoov. :)

ambboogie said...

I totally agree with your assessment of Jeffrey Wright.

ROFL @ a side of Coon

Danielle said...

I'm a big fan. He's a very talented man underutilized like so many. I first saw him in "Basquiat" and I've dug him ever since.

Shelia said...

He is gooooood. He can be a bit stiff, LOL, but it's the best stiff I've seen. Both he and his wife Carmen Ejogo (sp?) are extremely believable.

I heard about his replacing Denzel in the Easy Rawlings movie, I can see it. The character that Denzel developed could easily be assumed by Jeffrey Wright. I'm looking forward to it.

He's got a very sophisticated comedic style. It doesn't slap you in the face, you've got to with him very mentally throughout his performance.

MsMarvalus said...

Ion't know about following Denzel in the role of Easy...them's some big shoes to fill...I love Jeffrey Wright and if anyone can do it, he can...we'll see...

Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said...

I didn't know Jeffrey was married to Carmen Egojo?!?? I enjoy him as an actor, Basquiat is a personal fave of mine. Next to that is his role as Peoples in Shaft (with Sam Jackson) was so damn over the top it was hilarious. I don't think he would make a good Easy Rollins though, it would've been nice to see Denzel reprise the role.

DB said...

i have seen only one movie that this guy was in and thats Ali. but i do like the Easy Rawlins books so i'll chek that out. I've read most of them. Denzel probably costs to much for them to go and get him though.

Invisible Woman said...

@the Black Actor; I haven't seen Casino Royale...for some reason I can't wrap my mind around Daniel Craig as Bond.

Amboogie: great minds think alike!

@Danielle; when I was in middle school, I had a big crush on Basquiat, who to me was slim and sexy, full of life and charisma, and I never got over the fact that they used Jefferey Wright to portray him. :-(

@Shelia and MM: I can see him playing Easy too, but I agree with JCD, I'd rather see Denzel. darkbrotha is probably right, tho--he's probably too busy and/or expensive. It would have been better if they had started with Jeffry in the first place, but it was too early in his career.