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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday Hot Link Lunch....

If you happen to be home today without much to do, here are a few things for you to peruse, all worthy of some of your time, imho.

First up-- a movie with a dude I mentioned recently, Katt Williams, called "American Hustle". No matter how you feel about him, you have got to admit that negro is 8 types of hilarity. Even tho I think the opening sequence is a bit too long, showing us his mansion and hos, his meeting with Hollywood executive type dummies, and a cameo from Jeremy Piven (?!), it is still better than 83% of the mess out there.

He also has some friends doing stand up with him, intermixed in the storyline; that dude that kinda grosses me out that I wrote about before, Red Grant, some comedienne that I'm not familiar with, but LMAO at her joke that "Flava Flav is so ugly that you can still see that nig-- wit your eyes closed", and Luenuell (sp?), who killed it in "Borat", being her super raunchy self to a point where it's almost painful to listen to. I love her cause she just doesn't give a f--k!

Here is a clip:

If you want to see more, click here.

Next, on a more serious note, spotted on "The Assault On Black Folk's Sanity" is the full length movie of "Goodbye Uncle Tom". The link is here. It is 120 minutes long, so make sure you have some time, cause apparently you can't pause it and watch it later.

Finally, even tho this isn't exactly black film, there is some of Black Hollywood involved. I'm pretty sure practically all of you are familiar by now with a cartoon called "The Boondocks". I was kinda on the fence about it last season, but they have hit their stride this season, and it is funny as hayell, i.e. "Attack Of The Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch". This week is "Invasion of the Katrinians" and it is some of the funniest ish ever. Relatives from Katrina descend on Huey, Riley, an' nem, and they are the most triflin' negroes in television history...and believe me, we all know folkses like them. Two of the main Katrina characters are voiced by Cedric The Entertainer, and Lil' Wayne, aka Gollum. There is also Bebe Drake for Thembi, haha.

If you can't see the video, click here.


MsMarvalus said...

"As long as they make the best Orange Chicken..." this fool is crazy! I agree with what you say, IW...he is 8 types of hilarity...completely crazy!

Trew Life Advice said...


I second your comment 100%.

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Thembi said...

Part of me does in fact believe that Bebe Drake is ALWAYS just for me...

Chocl8t said...

I guess I'm in the minority of people who don't like Katt Williams nor do I think he's funny. JMO

I've never watched the Boondocks but did watch this episode. Thanks IW!! Fortunately for me my family in N.O. went West and not East or otherwise I could have easily been in Granddad position! This was funny as hell to me! LOL

Femigog said...

hey lady! The Slick Rick show isnt until the 18th of this month! I promise to take pics and post about it!

Invisible Woman said...

MM and Trew: he ALWAYS makes me laugh, tho he can cut down on the "N" word a bit.

@Thembi: she's all yours, girl

@chocl8te: at least I know your funny bone is still working; if you didn't think Boondocks was funny I'd be worried :-)

@femigog: thanks for letting me know, I missed that part

Afrodite said...

I caught the new Katt Willaiams at my friend's house last weekend. It was good, not as good as his last one but still funny.

I wish I could catch the Boondocks. Doesn't it come on Sundays?

Baby Please said...

I'm not too familiar with Katt Williams. Is he funny? I've seen him once or twice on an awards show or something and didn't think he was too funny, but I don't know.

IW: Why you change that sausage pic? LOL.

Cassandra said...

@ Afrodite
Boondocks come on Mondays at 10:30 CST.

Invisible Woman said...

baby please: at first I thought it was just a picture of a hot link, but on closer inspection...ewwww, just nasty! and yes, I think Katt is one of the funniest stand up comedians out there, but he's not for shrinking violets.

thanks cassandra---afrodite: you can also view the episodes on you tube and the Adult Swim/Cartoon Network website.

Lance said...

when i first saw the episode 9 of the boondocks about the "katrinians"...i was like "wow", how are they going to pull this off without "offending" anyone from that tragedy....

...they just kick that shit to the curb and got to down to the basics of igg'nant family members takin' advantage of you.

...don't need a hurricane for that!

Urban Thought said...

I saw American Hustle while sitting in the Russian barbershop. Go figure these Russians cut Black, Hispanic, and White people's hair... Sitting there watching Katt Williams.

I have to admit, dude does his thing. Some elements of the movie I could have done without but you rarely see a good comedy these days so I relished in the experience.

hottnikz said...

Luenell totally destroyed me with the old folks home bit.

Invisible Woman said...

@lance: okaaay?

@UT: there is a place by me too just like that: all russians and one chinese dude, and all the brothers go there. At least they know what to play while you negroes are sitting in there, haha...

@hottnikz: I will forever be her fan just because of that alone!