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Friday, December 28, 2007

Today In B'Days

Denzel Washington is 53. The dude in this picture is supposed to be a "Denzel Washington impersonator". Uh, yeah...good luck with that.

Nichelle Nichols is 75. Wonder how she feels about Zoe Saldana playing her role in the upcoming "Star Trek" movie?

Since we're on the subject of Nichelle, here is a clip where she played a hardcore pimpette in the Isaac Hayes Blackexploitation classic "Truck Turner". I'm thinking maybe it's a good thing that this may be the only movie she ever made other than Star Trek....some people should just never attempt to utter a cuss word. LMBAO at the line: "They call her Turnpike, cause you gotta pay to get on, and pay to get off!":

Also, just missing the "WTF Volumes".....there was some huge poll done in the UK the BFI (British Film Institute) did on the top 100 Black Film Icons. First of all, there are 100? Are they including cartoon voices?

In the Black Male category, the top three are Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Sidney Poitier. Okay, check, everything seems to be in good order there.

But in the Black Female category, the top 3 are as follows:

Nichelle Nichols

Dorothy Dandridge

Hattie McDaniels

I mean, WTF? Of course I have no problem with Ms. Dandridge, but Nichelle? Ummmm, she's a TV actress---hello? And I won't even begin to comment on that Hattie McDaniels bulls--t. Don't even get me started. To be fair, tho, they misspelled Nichelle's name in the poll, so what do they really know?

F'd up invisibility and screwed up Black perceptions have a passport all over the world.


Anonymous said...

Dang! Out of all the black actresses who have paved the way, those 3 are the names they came up with? Wow. I am not surprised and it's sad that I'm not.

Dave Splash said...

That Denzel wannabe doesn't look very much like the real deal. Does he get paid to impersonate him?

Invisible Woman said...

I feel ya NYAC...I was just mildly surprised. Sad.

@dave splash; all I know is this dude is selling himself as a Denzel look-alike. Whether anybody is buying is a different story...whatever the case may be, I hope he didn't quit his day job!

LaJane Galt said...

I guess there was even less $ in "Clifton Davis" lookalike.

smdh at that list.

jamie said...

damn i denzel is hott (that impersonatour note soo much...) especially in american gangster!

Regina said...

I watched that clip, waiting, no hoping it would get better and knowing that it wouldn't. I'm glad I only knew her from Star Trek, because that was a hot mess!

Far as that list goes...Sad, but I'm not surprised. They could have at least put Pam Grier and/or Diahann Carrol on there. Jeez!


that denzel impersonator looks like he could be my stepbrother! stop the insanity!!

re: UK movie list, maybe Nichelle did movies overseas. Some celebrities fare better overseas than in the U.S.A.

Invisible Woman said...

LaJane--you are soooo funny LMBAO!
like jamie and ivent said, that dude wishes he was anywhere near the hotness that is Denzel...he does look like somebody's brother-in-law.

@regina: I know, right? Pam Grier should at the very least be in the top 3.

aulelia said...

@ invisible woman: thanks for showing a picture of the denzel impersonator, cos i got a few laughs from that.

i live in the UK and truth be told, there are hardly ANY black british film stars besides the obvious ones like idris elba and chiwetel ejiofor who are having more success in the US.

Invisible Woman said...

aulelia: i know things are slow there, that's why they migrate here! also "denzel" has a lotta guts