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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Spotted on C&D:

On the heels of announcing that Keke Palmer has been cast as rapper Roxanne Shante in the upcoming film on the Juice Crew called 'The Vapors', is reporting that the following have also been cast for various roles. Cuba Gooding Jr. will be playing Marley Marl, rapper-actor David Banner will play the part of Biz Markie, Evan Ross will play MC Shan, Jackie Long as Big Daddy Kane, and Idris Elba as Tyrone Williams aka Fly Ty.

Clifton Powell was previously announced as playing the part of hip hop DJ and radio host Mr. Magic. [source]

From IW: Oh. My. God. Please let this be done will be a gift from heaven, tho I think Idris shoulda played Kane.

trivia: my real is roxane (shhhh) and only a project like this would make me reveal that. i heard the "roxanne" song sung to me a million times over....keke palmer represent!


justjudith said...

ahhhh, some revelation from the invisible woman. yeah, and i hope this movie doesn't suck. it would be a real disappointment. and i agree with idris as big daddy kane. he had a grown man-swagger back in the day that most rappers didn't have. i hope jackie long can pull it off.

ambboogie said...

hey IW, I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well... i hope you're better by the time you read this

Marcus Langford Is The Name said...

For some reason I think Elba should play Kane as well; he resembles him a lot more than Jackie, but I am guessing that Hollywood is trying to give good roles to young up and coming black actors. It is what it is.


DB said...

damn i used to love the Juice Crew. but then KRS came through with "The Bridge is Over" and it seemed like everyone did there own thing after that. Kool G Rap was the hottest...but he probably won't get any play though in the movie because he was low key then.

Invisible Woman said...

Agreed marcus, darkbrotha and jj: Kane had a manliness only a few can convey, and while I like Jackie Long, I'm not convinced he's up to the task...but like marcus says, Hollywood's youth obsession frequently overides rational decisions. darkbrotha, I'm ashamed to admit that I'm not as up on Kool G Rap as I should be, except as a rap icon.

Thanks Amboogie; the fact that there are folks like you around always makes me feel better!

hottnikz said...

I'm protesting Cuba Gooding Jr being in anyway associated with this project. Marly Marl should beg for a cast change,lol. Sucks for him.

Invisible Woman said...

Hopefully they'll break Marl off a little change--that will make it go down a little smoother, haha