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Monday, January 21, 2008


This has got to be a rumor. Supposedly Jamie Fox is in negotiations to be headmaster of "Charm School 2--From G's to Gents."

Doesn't he know that VH-1 is strictly for has-beens, C & D list actors, and desperate wanabees? This would be just one more questionable choice for him lately, starting off with this ill-advised dome he's been rockin these days. I'm starting to wonder if he's OK.


justjudith said...

lol. girl, you are funny. but this look isn't super flattering. but for awhile his hairline looked painted on so maybe he is letting nature take it's course!

Darkbrotha said...

this is a step back. every since he did Ray he has chosen wack movies every since. and i can't even listen to his show on Sirius because the coonery level is above what i can take.

aulelia said...

looks like the roles are drying!!!!!

Invisible Woman said...

@judith: I know what he's trying to do with the hair, but there must be a better way!

@db and aulelia: do you think Ray was maybe a fluke, or does he really have the chops? Do you think he's so full of himself now that he thinks he can just do anything and folks will love it?

Baby Please said...

Ill-advised dome. LMAO.

I don't know why they do this; poor judgment, I guess.

Sometimes Oscar winners do unusual stuff after their win: Halle Berry, Charlize Theron.

Some actors make very good choices in terms of their vehicles. Some don't.

It is a quesetionable choice, isn't it? It seems like he doesn't have to do this.

Maybe he's trying to appeal to a certain demographic.

After all, not long I saw him in a photo with "shorts" on below his knees and another one with pubes practically visible since he had on baggy jeans or something.

He might be a lot of things, but a boy of 18, he ain't. LOL.

Regina said...

Oh please say it isn't so??? Why would he... never mind.
I think you are right he thinks that now he is one of the IT boys and can just take any role and the people will love it. Poor, sad, little man, he's on his way to VH1 oblivion or "CFL" (Coonery For LIfe).

Yobachi said...

Well his last 2 or 3 movie projects have flopped, so maybe he's slidding on into has been status.

MsMarvalus said...!


LaJane Galt said...

He looks like a convict w/ that bumpy ashy dome.

I blame Common and Steve Harvey.

Invisible Woman said...

@babyplease: when Oscar winners make bad choices (and they are usually the ones that don't have a great acting history) sometimes I think it's just a fluke, and it's an injustice to those who study and take it so very seriously. But maybe that's why I don't put much stock in the Oscars and rarely watch.

I agree w/what you're saying; sometmes around 40 there is this desperation. not to seem "old and past it"

@regina and yobachi: sad but true...

@ms.m: I said the same thing when I read that

@lajane: where ya been? I missed your comments. I know, right? The dome is bad enough, but ashy too? Not a good look.