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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stop The Madness--Part 2

Okay, can somebody bring me some A) News I wanna see about Black Cinema B) Something that doesn't make me want to chuck this blog in a dumpster? Jeesh, a woman can only take so much!

From Filmwad:

Rapper-actor Ice Cube is reportedly in talks to join the cast of the John Singleton-directed adaptation of The A-Team. Though this is not yet a done deal, there are few other bankable actors out there would could semi-convincingly replace Mr. T as Sergeant B.A. Baracus.

Here's what he told Blackfilm on the character:

I wouldn't try to duplicate what Mr. T did, but I will have the same impact on you when you were little watching the TV show. I'm going to bring my own flavor to it and I am going to do the mohawk.

When asked if the role is "definite" for him:

I don't know. They want me to do it if all the business works out right. I was a fan as a kid and that would be, not a dream come true, but it's definitely a good thing to do and I would put it on my resume for sure.

In the famous words of Keenan Thompson:


last picture ganked from A Black Man's View


Shelia said...

LOL, I know, I know, I know! It's just so sad. Every two steps up are 10 back. Lets just hope this film never sees the light of day/or the dark of the theater.

Danielle said...

I'm just laughing out of sheer disgust and speechlessness.

I have no words.

Tayo said...

Uhm, but might it be a step up for Mr O'Shea (who is one of the FBD, thank you very much)?

I mean after the tragedy that is "First Sunday"?

hottnikz said...

Hey IW missed you girl, happy new year! check the blog, I have the trailer for Assata Shakur movie up. Her story needs to be told, but damn not by just anybody1

Qadree said...

I haven't been paying much attention to these types of motion pictures lately. I've been trying to get caught up on older films that I haven't seen and with that in mind I'll suggest The Quiet One (1948). The copyright has expired so you can download it for free @

This is a very good film that seems to have been forgotten.

Anonymous said...

IW - Happy Friday 2 U. I really love your sight. You are funny, intelligent and extremely insightful. Your knowledge of the film underside, both black and white is deep. That being said I just gotta say - I know that I should be way beyond crushes but...DAY-UUMM!!!that pic of Cube. Ya Sista for Life - Unless I marrycubeinwhichcaseIwouldn'tbeabletoseeyouasmuchbecauseIwouldbespendingallmyfreetimewithcubeandwewouldbetravelingtheworldviamyyachtwhichbeboughtmefromthemoniesfromhislatestfilmbecauehelovesmeso....oh sorry kind of got distracted by cubecauseheissogorgeousandihavelovehimforsolong...stop it!!

Invisible Woman said...

@Shelia: it it does hit the dark, I won't be sitting in it! I'm with danielle.

@Tayo: LMAO! You might be right, nothing could be worse than the movies he's come up with lately!

@hottnikz: WHERE have you been?! Don't ever do me like that again, lol :-) I'll check it out, and may repost if that's OK with you.

@qadree: thanks SO much--love you hanging at my humble blog

Trixie: Thanks for the compliments, but you know you're a mess, right? haha

clnmike said...

I do not know maybe there is something wrong with me but the more people talk about this movie the more I am curious to see it.

Invisible Woman said...

clnmike: when you see it, let me know how it was :-) said...

I was kinda surprised when I heard about this because I didn't really think today's audiences would really care. But I guess the show was pretty popular on TV.

Ima pass on this. Don't wanna see a remake of A-Team.

clnmike said...

IW, lol not going to see it at all not even a bootleg?

Invisible Woman said...

If someone came in my living room, popped it in the DVD player, and turned on my TV, I still wouldn't watch that mess! haha

Darkbrotha said...

i hope hollywood pulls the money on this potential movie. Singleton needs to do his homework and he would know that nobody is checking for the A-Team. why doesn't he just do Good Times or something?

Invisible Woman said...

you are crazy DB! but it's sad, I probably would go see that one.