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Thursday, January 10, 2008

OK, Stop The Madness....

Because he brought the sex factor up on "The Wire" about 8000%, I forgave Idris Elba for the foolishness that was "28 Weeks Later" and "The Reaping", figuring he just needed to spread his wings a bit in acting and America (for the 5 of you who don't know, Idris is from the U.K.)

But now enough is enough. Surely he can find something better to do this B.S. I smell a trend, and it's not a good one. From AOL:

Having done over 5 films last year (Daddy's Little Girls, 28 Weeks Later, The Reaping, American Gangster, and This Christmas), Idris Elba certainly worked hard for his money, and this year is no different. Coming up for Elba is a detective role in the remake of the 1980 slasher film that starred Jamie Lee Curtis, 'Prom Night'.

Also featured in the film are Brittany Snow, Dana Davis, Jessica Troup, Scott Porter, Collins Pennie, Kelly Blatz, Jonathan Schaech, Jessalyn Gilsig, Kellan Lutz, and Craig Susser.


Anonymous said...

How do go from something as gritty and powerful like "The Wire" to a remake of "Prom Night"? Idris, baby, you need a new agent.

John said...

What's wrong with Horror movies?

Shelia said...

Perhaps he likes the slasher movies? I personally think that they suck. But he obviously has a *cough, cough* 'broad taste' in film roles.

Danielle said...

Still laughing....Cube & Idris. Why?

Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said...

I think I'm more disturbed that Hollyweird lack of originality. Can we get some fresh ideas please? I think I wouldn't complain so much if they remakes were actually any good. I guess it's a good thing Idris is working at all, its so rare to see a Brown person in any movie these days.

clnmike said...

LOl, I bet that one is a winner.

He has to take whats out there.

DCMovieGirl said...

Well, he's gotta eat.

aulelia said...

hollyweird is only interested in making money!

elba did some TV here in the UK and in particular, he was in a drama program about corruption in football and i remember him being excellent. he came across like a good theatre-style actor.

Invisible Woman said...

@chocl8t: co-sign 100% girl.

@john: Don't get me wrong, I love horror films....but only well done ones. The 2 he was in were pretty dismal to me, and I really don't think ANYONE was itching for a remake of "Prom Night", IMHO.

Shelia: more like no taste, it seems

@danielle: right?

@clnmike and dcgirl: Sorry, but I don't think Idris is gonna be eating Top Ramen any time soon. I really think at this stage in his career he should be a lot more thoughtful---I believe he has leading man potential and he keeps taking these second and third banana roles. Pretty soon that's really going to be the only thing he can get.

JCD: That's what I was saying to John--90% of these remakes are completely unecessary.

@aulelia: that's is exactly what I mean--I know he can do a lot better and should stick to his guns, not make the quick buck

clnmike said...

IW what roles our out there that he can take?

How many movies with a leading man role for blacks came out that was not sorry?

He can either stay working till something good comes along or he can stay quite and risk being forgotten.

I love Angela Bassett but I think her selectivity has done more harm then good to her career.

And if Elba goes that way we might never see him on the screen again.

Invisible Woman said...

Sorry clnmike--good point, but I still don't agree. Common, Chiwetel, Will, Denzel, heck even Samuel and RZA find different types of roles....I can't imagine any of them (even Samuel) doing Prom Night. I still think Idris can, and should, do better. His value will go up as an actor if he does 2 great movies a year as opposed to 5 mediocre ones. Will really only has to do one a year. I know Will is a lot bigger, but even very early in his career I could not see him doing Prom Night.

I realize there isn't a lot, but there is more for a black man than a black woman (i.e. Bassett)

Regina said...

uuuhh, I'm kind of down the middle on this and can see the valid points on both sides. I personally don't think Idris has built up the portfolio to be too selective and to be turning down roles, the man does have to eat. if you tell people No on 2 crappy roles, they may not call you for the 3rd or 4th which very well may be Blockbusters. Angela Basset can take 1 role every 4 years and still make a little money because she has had a blockbuster or 2 (She can ride "Exhale" until she dies and still be remembered!).

Then on the flip side he does run the risk of being "labled" by his poor choices and acceptance of garbage roles. Which could potentially be just as damaging as no roles at all.
he is pretty much screwed either way...
And Prom night sucked the first time it was done, I see no sense in doing it again! and I can see Samuel Jackson doing it, I think he is a movie whore and will do just about anything that comes along!

Invisible Woman said...

You're right regina, and believe it or not I see both sides as well, just feel stronger that he is playing himself.

BTW, after I wrote that comment, I did change my mind about throwing Samuel in