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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


At first I was all like "What is Terrence doing with that black chick? With a "black" t-shirt? Is this his new image?"

But then I read the caption with an "oh". I should have known better. Just Terrence carrying on his everyday murse *man-purse* duties. From Dlisted:

How precious is Terrence Howard's little LV pursey? I'm wondering what he carries in there. It seems too small to hold his favorite thing in the world, baby wipes. Oh! He's holding his necessities in there since his Juicy Couture sweats don't have back pockets. It probably says "SEXY" on the ass.

Here's Terrence with Anika Noni Rose and the rest of the Broadway cast of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" at a photocall today in NYC. Terry is playing Brick.


Anonymous said...

"since his Juicy Couture sweats don't have back pockets. It probably says "Sexy" on the ass"


Shelia said...

You know you ain't no good IW, LOL!

He needs to try to hook up with a sista as well put together as Anika Noni Rose, he looks a hell of a lot better. Even while rockin' his murse, HA!

AJ said...

I must admit, I've been buying baby wipes ever since he mentioned it.....LMAO...

aulelia said...

@ shelia: completely agree that he looks better with anika noni rose!

thanks for this info! cat on a hot tin roof has a great storyline; TH as Brick is interesting...

MrsGrapevine said...

@ Chocl8t: you are so wrong, but it's probably true, he is a happy metro sexual.

@IW: I was going to send you this post last night, and I saw that you already had it. I think he wears the man purse to mock us. He know we're talking.

@Sheila: No, he needs to stay where he's at. I don't think a sister can hand him, he's too high maintenance.

Danielle said...

IW I thought you were weaning yourself off of TH? LOL.

I confess to using "personal cleansing cloths" before TH made them a requirement for his ladies.

Invisible Woman said...

I know chocl8t--Michael K and Slaus should get togeyher--they would shut down the internet!

@auleilia and shelia: you know, it's funny, I thought the exact same thing when I saw this picture, that he looked so very, very much better. It's a shame he is completely clueless.

@AJ and Danielle--wipes, "personal cloths", whatever you want to call them are a girls best friend, but that's why they call them "personal" don't talk about them in public for chrissakes. Especially if you are A HIGH PROFILE ACTOR IN AN INTERVIEW. I'm just sayin, lol.

@MGV: Thanks for thinking of me--and I agree, I would run a country mile before hooking up with Terrence and his problematic ass!