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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Audacity Of It All...

I know I am venturing off of the subject of Black Cinema, but until I start another blog, I need to say it here.

This primary/Obama situation is a catalyst for so very many things...I will be processing for a while.

It has caused me to lose much respect for some folks, and believe me, I'm not happy about it; Julian Bond, Andrew Young, Charles Rangel, and most importantly, the Clintons. At the same time I have a new respect for Oprah for completely putting herself out there for him early on, and the for Kennedys being newly regenerated for this millenium.

I laugh at the pundits that say Black folks are voting for Obama because he's Black. Maybe some are, but if that were the case, where were the strong showings when Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton ran? Whatev.

I find Barack believable, well balanced, thoughtful, and sincere. And I have since I read his autobiography 2 years ago, before the thought of him running for president even came to light. His truths that resonate with me go way beyond race, and that's why I think "others" feel him too. He is real. And after being lied to for so very many years by our government, I feel a lot of folks don't give a f**k what his color is. The important part is that they believe what he says.

I found some posts on other blogs about non-blacks diggin' on Barack. The first is from "A Black Man's View":

Today I had an interesting conversation with a guy that came into my office checking on the status of a background search that my office conducted on several of his employees. While I was pulling up the information, he asked me how I felt about this historic election that we will have this coming November. (This is a white Guy). He tells me that he is supporting Big O, and he proceeds to explain why the "O" man will get his vote on March 4.

Basically he told me that he is sick of the way Washington DC is, and he wants a change.

He told me that Obama is like a cold drink of water on a hot Texas day.

He told me that he could care less if Big O was black, white, or green with pink spots.

He told me that all of his friends feel the same way.

He also told me that Hill-Billy could bend down in front of him and.... well.... you fill in the blanks.

He then asked me who I was supporting. I told him my eyes were on Edwards, but now that he is no longer in the race, I have to go with Big O. He asked me if I was voting for him just because he is black. I told him that of course I am thinking about him being a brother, but ultimately my decision to back him is that I think he is a better candidate than Hill-Billy. I reminded him again that Big O was not my first choice.

Well the guy goes on to say that he is glad that Obama is black, because it will make America look good on the world market, since the current President has f--ked up America's reputation.

Keep in mind this guy is being very candid with me in my little cubicle. He is talking to me like we have known each other for years. Oh, I forgot to mention that this guy was a registered Republican until last year. Now he is an Independent.

Well, I finally get my slow-ass computer to cough up the information that he wanted and he shakes my hand, tells me I better hit the polls on March 4 and he leaves. After he left I got to thinking about the conversation I just had. If Obama can make a (white) Texas cowboy like this dude accept him ( A black man) at all costs, is nothing short of amazing.

I never thought I would see the day were a Black Man would have a legitimate shot of moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I never thought that I would see the day where a Black Man that was not running a football, shooting a basketball or rapping, would get so much unconditional love from the majority of my beloved country. It really amazes me. If this guy represents what the rest of (white)Texas is feeling, I do believe that come March 4, Hill-Billy is in trouble.

From IW: Right on.

The second is from one of my blog loves "The Field Negro":

Today while shooting the breeze with one of my white friends, {He said} "Field, I am voting for that Barack fellow, you know why?" "Why?" I asked him. "Because then I won't have to hear you rip the white man anymore, and you will quit 'busting my chops' about white privilege."

Field also had this one:

My assistant has been with me for about eight years now. She was assigned to me by the city of Philadelphia and I couldn't be happier.

She is a white woman, and I think she is in her early fifties or so. She also happens to be a republican. I know this, because unfortunately, party affiliations and connections are two of the most important factors that are considered when folks get city jobs.

Now we rarely talk politics, but this morning my assistant asked me who I was voting for in the upcoming elections. Of course I knew right away where the conversation was heading. She then proceeded to ask me if I liked Obama. I told her I did but I still wasn't sure if I was going to vote for him just yet. "Why not?" She asked. "Well are you going to vote for him?" I asked her. "Yes I would consider it, I mean field, the man is so handsome."

Now I must admit, I never saw this coming. Not from her. I never even considered that she would consider voting for the "O" man. But after our little discusion it dawned on me that there must be quite a few A-merry-cans who will vote for the "O" man because they like how he looks, and how he carries himself.

I mean let's be honest; here in A-merry-ca we like our presidents to look, well, presidential. There are a couple of criterias that must be met. They must be tall, and they must have a full head of hair. It's why I knew Rudy was doomed from the get go. And it's why I know that Mike Huckabee, with his rice bowl bald spot in the middle of his head, has no shot. It's why Mike Dukakis- all four feet of him- had no shot when he ran against the first Bush. Think about it, pretty much all of our modern Presidents have been tall (I know the frat boy looks short, but he is really over six feet tall) with a full head of hair. The "O" man certainly fits that bill. And if my assistant is to be believed, he is handsome to boot.

So if I were John McCain I would be a little worried right now. I mean honestly John, I don't think A-merry-cans are feeling the comb over look. You might want to go the Joe Biden route and consider some hair plugs. And how tall are you? Could you get on one of the rides at Six Flags?... let me stop. The man does have one saving grace though, he is a war hero. Soldiers always seem taller than they really are don't they? I heard, for instance, that Ollie North was only like five feet six inches or some shit. Yet I see the guy on T.V. and he always looks like he is so much taller. (But I digress).

So back to the"O" man. Yes "O" man, if you are going to be the second coming of
Camelot you better have the looks to go along with all the great speeches of inspiration. Fortunately for you it seems that you have that covered. And if my assistant is to be believed, it might carry you a long way; yes even with middle aged republican white women.

From IW: The Field makes a good point. The 'audacity of hope' indeed. And by the way, Tavis Smiley? STFU!

As George Clinton (not Hillary Clinton), Ice Cube, Yo-Yo, The Red Hot Chile Peppers, and Dr. Dre would say, "Paint The White House Black"** (video produced by Reginald Hudlin--how ironic):

**Thanks "The Black Snob" for video and pix


MsMarvalus said...

Very good post, IW...I've ran into the same people with differing views on why they are supporting Obama and it just makes me feel good...

I know there are some of us Black folks that are voting for him simply because he's Black...but those are the few...they try to make us stupid, but we are not...If he was just getting the Black vote, there would be no way in hell that HRC would be in the boat she is in now...

Again, great great post! And I need to check out those other blogs...I'm looking for some new blood! LOL...

The Obenson Report said...

Julian Bond and the NAACP are more irrelevant now than they've ever been. I wonder if they themselves realize this, and are simply ticked that Obama (a black candidate) has been able to succeed almost entirely without their help, unlike The Clintons who have always gone out of their way to appease the NAACP and other similar organizations in order to win black votes.

My prediction? Obama wins it all and becomes the 44th president of the United States of America.

Regina said...

Obama is definitely collecting a very large and ASSORTED contingency!

MrsGrapevine said...

Amen, I'm glad you posted this. I think it's an ego trip, and since Barack is not patronizing these black leaders, they want to criticize Obama.

They don't realize he has already done so much to transcend barriers, that they need to stop and pay attention. He is the first person to run that's not a part of the civil rights generation and the first person to connect to young and old, rich and poor, black and white and Latinos. He is a bridge, that happens to be black, and if we want to be technical he's bi-racial. He knows a little something about blending worlds.

People in this country are broken hearted, and fed up with these old systems. So what, if some black people vote for him because he's black. That's not the sole reason, but it may be the tipping point.We assume that whites don't vote for others simply because their white.

Sorry I get all passionate when it comes to politics.

Cooper said...

I want those sneakers.

Anonymous said...

I believe many of the "old black constituancy" has that slave mentality. I can hear the likes of Julian Bond and Andy Young saying "now, don't go 'gainst massa Clinton and his wife Miss Hillary. They be good whyyyte foke".
The NAACP has failed to relate to today's youth rendering them ineffective. Their endorsement, or lack thereof, doesn't amount to a hill of beans.
I voted for the "O" man in my state primary and I'm hoping to see him on the Democratic ticket for President!!!

clnmike said...

Great post.

I always said Obama had the young black vote on lock and that his major issue would come from the old gaurd who seem to be filled with doubt that he can do it so they are going with Clinton or that they just have time and money invested in the Clintons.

Undercover Black Man said...

Hey IW: I just heard Charlie Rangel is thinking about making that switch.

Obama got everybody scramblin'...

Thanks for the George Clinton flashback, too.

Invisible Woman said...

@ms. m : Thanks for the compliment :-) I agree--I think that's what's gotten folks all up in this race. If it were just "us" voting for Obama, HRC would be doing a damn sight better. After all, aren't we just 12% of the US population?

@obenson: the Clinton's and NAACP are part of the old guard, and I think the old guard is miffed cause Obama is not spending daily time kissing their asses. That's never been done before by a Democrat to my knowledge.

I hope your prediction is correct.

@Regina: I love it!

@MGV: I know, I feel the same. I am political at heart, which is why that is the only subject I regularly venture off into on this blog.

It is so funny when these Black leaders say he is so "privledged"
They obviously haven't done one ounce of research, and are just spouting off.

Invisible Woman said...

@Cooper: If anything should be massed produced, it is those sneaks. Even me, the fashion diva, wants some!

@chol8te: I know! When I read that Julian Bond said "the NAACP doesn't endorse any candidate" I was like WTF?!

@cln mike: thanks dude :-) Glad to see you back! I also think that the old guard is covering their bets; they didn't want to burn any bridges with "Massa". I think they might now see that that bridge is old and rickety and full of fucking termites.

@UBM: my true funk lover :-)

Thanks for giving me that info--I had no idea. I know that some of the old guard has gone thru so much racism in their time that it's hard to let go of that ideology. I get that.

But it is good to see that there is still some life left for Charles and those of his ilk--that they lived to see the beginning of a change they fought so hard for.

Danielle said...

I think this election 2008 is bigger than all the candidates. I see Obama as a catalyst; a vehicle if you will, that exposes the underbelly of racism, sexism, even classism in this country.

It's funny how an Uppity Negro has exposed the Clintons latent and dormant bigotry. If nothing else comes of this election, I hope that Americans see how far we have to go & how much work we still need to do.

Don't get me started on George Clinton. He is The Business and "Atomic Dog" and "Paint The White House Black" are classics for me.

Orville said...

Although I am not American this is the first time I have EVER paid attention to American politics. Usually its just a bunch of old rich white men that have a sense of entitlement. The reason the media say blacks are voting for Obama just because he's black is because of racism. I can't be more blunt then that. Some people in the media have their own prejudices about blacks. I believe African Americans should be paying attention to the Democratic Party and the racism of some of the members. The Clintons are no friends of black Americans. I think Andrew Young is from the old school Civil Rights era he needs to FALL BACK. There is a new black generation and it is time for younger blacks to VOTE and speak up. I urge all the African Americans to GO VOTE. The Clintons thought Hillary would just sweep to an easy victory. The shameless pathetic tactics of the Clintons demonstrates the LACK of RESPECT they have for black people. Obama won Nebraska, Maine, Washington State, Hawaii, and Iowa those states all have white majority populations. It is clear white Americans are voting for Obama. The Clintons and their followers want to marginalize Obama due to racism and also sexism. I just hope people discern and realize that in the Democratic Party they don't mind blacks on the sidelines but don't want to see blacks in leadership roles. Also, the race is far from over. Obama needs to win a big state with a lot of votes to defeat Hillary before the convention in Denver this summer.

Invisible Woman said...

@danielle: I read ORVILLE's statement with great interest...he is spot on about the Clintons really revealing that they have no real respect for us at all. But bitch got booed for that ish at the debate yesterday. GOOD!