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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Today In B'Days

Ice-T is 50.*
Coco's boobage is 20.

Since I posted "New Jack City" last week for Chris Rock's birthday, here is Ice-T rapping (something that I usually forget he did) from the movie "Colors". Strictly ooollllld school.

*Yeah, bet you didn't know that either, haha.


Don said...


Colors was the bomb song!!

After all the gang violence started going down, mofos stop thinking it was a game then.

Brought back memories with this one.

Danielle said...

I remember Colors. It was for real out there. You know there was a time when Ice was really a conduit for what was going on in the streets of L.A. Now it's just him and his blowup doll/wife Coco.

Go figure!

Debo Hobo said...

Wow that really was old school. He is a better actor then rapper.

Invisible Woman said...

@don: not a game then, not a game now

@danielle: but they have truly branded themselves, which I guess was their objective. SMH

@debo: my point exactly with this post...NEVER felt him as a rapper, and truth be told, neither did anyone else in Black Cali.

MsMarvalus said...

Ice-T has come a long way...and I loved that was some real sh**!

But errtime I look at that pic on this post, I think: how can anybody like plastic boobies? They look so hard and...ugh!

Darkside said...

Ice's "Six In The Morning." was a classic. Give him props for really being the first rapper to cross over to the Hollywood side of the game.

That being said I've met both Coco & Darlene (Ice's First Wife) in person, and got to go with Darlene, A very nice and beautiful lady, very sexy also. Darlene is sexy in a sexy way, not sexy in a Coco let it all hang out way. Not hating on Coco she was very nice when I met her, but I just got to go with Team Darlene.

Ice & Coco seem to be happy with each other, so more power to them.

Invisible Woman said...

@Ms. M: I always think the same thing. Being a natural "D" maybe I don't get it---but that kind of attention is not something that I appreciate.

@darkside: I also thought about Darlene when I posted this--he used to kinda pimp her out the same way. I wonder what happened to them?

You're right, Coco and Ice do seem to work very well with each other--which is why I tend to leave them alone.

Darkbrotha said...

Man I had CoCo's boobie's not a day past 18. Go figure. :)

Darkside said...

@ Invisible Woman: Hey they broke up in 2002& according to Darlene in a interview a while back, that she was caught off guard by him breaking up with her. I think she said he broke up with her by text message or voice mail can't remember which one she said. Either way it was cold how he did it.

When I met her she was beautiful & seemed very happy, laughing, smiling, and enjoying life. Of course me and about six other guys were trying to Holla at her. LOL

Invisible Woman said...

I'm not surprised she had it like that! lol