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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just A Thought....

Can some folks in our community please now officially stop saying "America is not ready for a black president"?

Why do "others" have tons more faith in the notion than some of us do? If you think it, don't speak it---it's not a good look.*

*this doesn't mean that I don't think everyone's entitled to their opinion, just think a bit, mkay?


Danielle said...

Tell me about it. It feels like some of us have locked our minds inside a box and we can't think beyond the confines. Sad. said...

I feel you, IW.

You make a good point. Totally.

dc_speaks said...

preach, preach!!!

you are a bright light...even though you are anonymous. hahahahaha

i appreciate ya, IW!

thechocl8tdiaries said...

Out of the mouth flows the issues of the heart.
The ones who say that mess are the ones NOT ready!
So let the chuch say AMEN!
(yes, CHUCH)!! LOL

hottnikz said...

Thank you!

MsMarvalus said...

Speak it, Girl!

dejanae said...

Can some folks in our community please now officially stop saying "America is not ready for a black president"?

my sentiments exactly
nonprogressive mofos

PurpleZoe said...


Invisible Woman said...

Hey PZ!

Thanks guys...I'm glad to know I'm not alone on this one. If we don't have faith in our own and are so vocal about it, who else will have the faith? I'm just sayin.

Not to mention all of the negative energy you are putting out for him (sorry, it's the California in me)

darkbrotha said...

i'm not trying to go the other way on this one just to do it. as a matter of fact it is irritating for that to be the focal point of the Presidential discussion when talking about Barack Obama. However, in my eyes, it is a fact. I happen to think that Barack is more than qualified to lead this country. But when I think of the racial climate of the United States, and what it would take for Obama to get the necessary votes for the Presidency, I don't see it happening.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that this country is ready for responsible, fresh and compassionate leadership from a candidate who is of whatever race. but most blacks feel like the majority of white people in this country are brainwashed into thinking that that kind of leadership can only be delivered by a white man. so while i'm not confident that America will deliver to the United States the type of politics that I think Obama can bring...I will be however casting my vote for him instead of walking around kicking rocks with my head down feeling like there is no hope.
just my long ass take on your thought.

Invisible Woman said...

@db: at least I give you credit, cause I know you are a brother who thinks. Thanks for sharing your insights,especially when they are not so popular, haha :-)

I can't say the same for someone like 50 pennies, who I think just says whatever comes into his head before the thought is even finished forming....