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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Make-Up Test For Malcolm Lee...

Maybe Malcolm Lee can make up for "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins" (which you all made crystal clear you are not feeling) with this one.

I originally wrote this blub in December:

'According to Variety, Dimension Films has set Lee to direct "Soul Men," a road trip comedy starring Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac as bickering backup soul singers who haven't spoken in 20 years but reluctantly travel cross country together for a tribute concert to honor their famous former band leader.'

The cast has just been expanded to include Isaac Hayes, Jackie Long, and John Legend.

I could make some quips about John, but I'll be nice today. It's just good to see Jackie Long out there; it's been too long since "ATL".

Jackie Long = Yum

4 comments: said...

Sounds cute; might be something good. Me personally, I don't dig that "road trip comedy" thing too much. We'll see.

He is a cutie -- especially in that photo. :)

Bohemian Hippie Chick said...

Sounds interesting...I might check it out.

Bohemian Hippie Chick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Invisible Woman said...

@TBA Jackie...sigh. What happened Serena?

@bhc: I'm gonna check it out too--the cast has me intrigued--especially with Isaac.