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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Today In B'Days

Chris Rock is 43.

In honor of his birthday, here is a scene from a film that many of you have said you have love for, "New Jack City", with country self-proclaimed pimp Ice T...."H-U-S-T-L-E- hustle":


dc_speaks said...

hey lady...why you pick a picture of him with huggggggge lips? lol.

hahahahaha said...

Is he, really??!!!

I had no idea Chris Rock was even in his 40's. I'm very surprised by this.

Regina said...

Not a Chris Rock fan at all! But he was awesome as Pookie the Crack Head!

cooper said...

Wow, twenty year or more older than me. Who knew.

Only seven years younger than my father.

Anonymous said...

Loved him in that movie! Seems like everybody is getting up there in years.

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone in black hollywood who is not lying about their age!! LOL

MsMarvalus said...

Chris was awesome as Pookie...

Happy B'day man!

Invisible Woman said...

@D.C.: lol! I just thought the picture was unique, like the ones some photographers did in the 70's with Richard Pryor, etc

@tba: yeah this movie was is getting up there in years...he was probably in his mid twenties

@regina: no likey the Rock?'re making me feel old, but then I remembered you're a baby, lol :-) Good to see you

Hi there Camille: I saw your Blogger least you don't have to worry for a while :-)

@chol8te and ms.m: Right?

And you don't have to lie when you look good...let this be a lesson, Aunt Viv.