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Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend BO

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE (thanks Sergio)
February 8–10, 2008 Studio Estimates

1) Fool's Gold WB $22,010,000

2) Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins Uni. $17,127,000

3) Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour BV $10,508,000 Total; $53,390,000

4) The Eye LGF $6,630,000 Total: $21,521,000

5) Juno FoxS $5,725,000 Total: $117,630,000

6) 27 Dresses Fox $5,700,000 Total: $65,369,000

7) The Bucket List WB $5,340,000 Total: $75,058,000

8) Rambo LGF $4,110,000 Total; $36,504,000

9) Meet the Spartans Fox $4,075,000 Total: $33,915,000

10) There Will Be Blood ParV $4,073,000 Total: $26,782,000

11) Untraceable SGem $3,500,000 Total; $24,346,000

12) Cloverfield Par. $2,650,000 Total: $75,934,000

13) No Country for Old Men Mira. $2,243,000 Total: $58,292,000

14) National Treasure: Book of Secrets BV $2,202,000 Total: $212,804,000

15) Atonement Focus $2,173,000 Total: $45,304,000

From IW: This list is exactly why I was watching movies on TV One this weekend. "Fool's Gold"? America must have absolutely nothing else to do whatsover. Matthew McConnaghy (sp?) hasn't had a number 1 movie in a decade, and I don't think Kate Hudson ever has. Roscoe Jenkins number 2....hmmmm.

On a side note, #1 "n-word" user Paris Hilton's movie (which she executive produced) "The Hottie and The Nottie" made $26,000 dollars. That is not a typo. As Nelson would say on "The Simpsons"--HaHa!


The Obenson Report said...

Indeed a rather lacking list of films. I'm starting to feel somewhat out of touch. I look at these lists weekly and wonder who those people are paying the rising costs of the movie-going experience to see some of these films. IMHO, there only 3 truly worthwhile choices on the list: There Will Be Blood, No Country For Old Men, and Cloverfield. Despite all the hype and award nominations, Juno is so over-rated, and Atonement was a manipulative, pretentious bore.

Yobachi said...

Obenson, I've felt like that for years; but I'm glad I'm losing touch. I don't want to be intouch with people who support this crap.
I’d rather be all out of touch than slowly lobotomize my brain with the drivel that is modern American cinema.

dc_speaks said...

obenson, your mine as well.

i can't believe what my eyes are seeing.

thanks IW for the info...i love the movie weekend recap.

my lady normally is all over ths info, but i think i'll just come over here and get the info and be ahead of the game.

Invisible Woman said...

@obenson: I felt like I wrote your comment myself....did you see "Until The Devil Knows You're Dead?" They have been straight robbed in any publicity.

@Yobachi: ouch!

@DC: you have fellow Black Cinema lover Sergio to thank for that. :-)

Bygbaby said...

Cloverfield SUCKED & I still want my money back!!!


Invisible Woman said...

Sorry Byg Baby---I LOVED Cloverfield!