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Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend BO

WEEKEND B.O. (Thanks Sergio)
Feb. 22-24 2008

1. Vantage Point - $22.4 Million

2. Spiderwick Chronicles - $13M Total: $43.9M

3. Jumper - $12.2M - Total: $55.7M

4. Step Up 2 the Streets - $8.2M - Total: $39.8M

5. Fool's Gold - $6.4M Total: $52.5M

6. Definitely Maybe - $5M Total: $21.5M

7. Juno - $4.07M Total: $130.3M

8. Be Kind, Rewind - $3.65M

9. Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins - $3.6M Total: $35.1M

10. U2-3D - $3.36M - Total: $7.2M

From IW: There is not one movie on this list that I have any enthusiasm for. Why is "Definitely Maybe" still on it? Do you know anyone who saw that, or wanted to?

I saw 15 minutes of "Be Kind, Rewind" and the DVD was turned off...even Mos Def and Danny Glover couldn't save this sh*t that should have never hit the screen in the first place.


darkbrotha said...

well i guess if i was at gun point i would go see Vantage Point. but thankfully the internet has relieved me of the luxury of actually paying 10 bucks a person to see hot garbage.

Invisible Woman said...

That gets a little or non-legal? It is a good way to watch movies when they come out instead of going to the theatre (which I loathe), but is it stealing?

Some people feel no guilt, some feel lots, some won't do it all all. I guess it all depends on where your moral compass is--if it doesn't bother a person, then it's not a real issue for them.

Darkbrotha said...

i agree. i guess it doesn't really matter how you feel about it in terms of guilt or no guilt, if you were trying to determine if its legal or not. because its not legal. but is it illegal to download and watch it...or just illegal to download and distribute?

i know this has nothing to actually do with your post. sorry for taking it off task.

The Obenson Report said...

I heard from another reviewer that Mos Def's character in "Be Kind, Rewind" is akin to nothing more than a simpleton... yet again. Did you see 16 Blocks?

I haven't seen any of the films on the list, and have zero interest in seeing them.

Anonymous said...

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Invisible Woman said...

@db: actually, I had ths discussion the other day and was wondering the same thing...

@obenson: that was one of the biggest turnoffs...I said "is he playing a dummy?" Yikes.

I saw 16 Blocks cause I love The Bruce....and tho ultimately Mos Def's character was ultimately kinda smart and sweet, his accent, voice modulation, or whatever you call it annoyed the hell out of me. What was the purpose of it?

tayo said...

Went to see Vantage Point with a group of friends and had more fun making fun of the movie, personally. And because we didn't feel like going home, we decided to theater-hop and go watch Be Kind, Rewind. It is a silly movie, with not much acting range from Mos Def and with Jack Black playing the same character that he always seems to play. The ending is almost kind of sweet, albeit corny, if you have the patience to get through the whole movie.

tayo said...

And to me it seemed that Mos Def wasn't playing a simpleton, just a simple person (yes there's a difference)... he was like the straight man to the Jack Black insanity.

Invisible Woman said...

@tayo: that's what I thought about the beginning of Be Kind--it was too corny and fomulaic. But I'm glad you were entertained by it.

Mos Def was barely there to me...I couldn't figure out what his modus operendi was, lol.

Nicole said...

Argh! I was gonna see Be Kind, Rewind tomorrow (or later today since it's after midnight). Heard horrible things about Vantage Point and Jumper. And I feel like I should see Juno since I manage a program that deals with girls, self-esteem, teen pregnancy, etc, but I'd much rather wait til I can get it through Bbuster online. Have seen U2-3D and if you're a fan (which I am) it's worth it, otherwise, nah.

Invisible Woman said...

Nicole--see it at your own risk--haha!

I feel absolutely no need to see Juno--I just can't relate, and I love U2 but don't want to see that either. February is historically one of the worst months for movie content.