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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hello There....

I'm back for awhile, inspired by several things:

**A blogger who writes infrequently, but beautifully, Michael Gonzales, who has a blog called "Blackadelic Pop".

**Several fiascoes and travesties of Black Hollywood, that I will blog about later today (number one being my beloved Terrence).

**The fact that I started designing my new blog on Typepad, and hated it---so I have to start again from scratch.

**Missing participating in "Old School Music Fridays".

**Reading all of your very well loved comments.

**Just having to post these pictures, tho they have nothing to do with Black Cinema, of the cousins we all don't really want to know about, here:

Yes, yo cousins is mad ignant.

**The opportunity to start monetizing my blog (though that reason is very low on the list of coming back)

**And finally, knowing you are in trouble when Thembi has the nerve to tell you you've been gone too long! haha!

(just jokes, thembs :-) )

thanks to The Daily Yeah for the pix. You men might appreciate that blog a lot more than us ladies....


Anonymous said...

Yaayy!! I'm glad you're back sis!

I hate to say it, but my folks are ignant as hell sometimes...damn!

michael a. gonzales said...

...thank you.

MsMarvalus said...

Damn, sis...I was beginning to start scratching at my arm and sh** know you bad when you start visiting somebody's page two and three times a day just LOOKING for some newness (BTW, I do this to DarkBrotha too...I think I'm a blog stalker!)

MsMarvalus said...

BTW, I peeped the Blackadelic Pop blog...that is some good stuff!

Thanks for the heads up!

Daily Yeah said...

Thanks for stopping bye :)

Invisible Woman said...

@BHC: Good to see u too :-) I have to say, I don't want to be within a 10 mile radius of these dudes

@MG: of course...your blog is great...(more posts, tho, hint hint)

@Ms. M: don't worry, we are either co-dependant or co-stalkers..I do the same with you and darkbrotha too!

Hi daily yeah: I will be stopping thru to get my dose of testosterone related topics, haha :-)

and yes, that blog is crazy special.

Mahoganydymond said...

That is just a mess... Why would anyone mess up a car like that.. Living here in the South I have seen a lot of cars like that...

Invisible Woman said...

@md: I haven't seen any yet, but I know it's coming!

Danielle said...

IW - Welcome back. Blackadelic Pop is excellent! I love his writing. Dand, those cars are shall we say "something to behold?"

Thembi said...

Thats right dammit!

I can't sit here holding down the obscure black celeb fort on my own. When Reynaldo Rey's daughter comes to give whuppins, shes gonna have to come for BOTH of us not just me!

Invisible Woman said...

@thembi: Just make sure you stick around, girl...I can't do it myself either! :-)

Anonymous said...

Tell Sputnik I say fu 'im tu "stop tu da Piggly Wiggly an pick uppa loffa bread" ...rat now