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Friday, March 7, 2008

Reader Top 10 Best Black Cinema Soundtracks

Speaking of favorite soundtracks, this is a list of member Moon from Soul Commune's "Top 10 Best Black Movie Soundtracks". I would think it would be too hard to list 10--20 I think would probably include all the ones I deem worthy....but it's all relative, isn't it? Remember, this is Moon's list, I didn't compile it:

(10) Bamboozled

Though the movie was greeted with mixed reviews (I loved it!) the soundtrack was a precious commodity-- it introduced us to the riveting voice of Ms. India.Arie. A mix of soulful crooning from Arie, Erykah Badu, Angie Stone and Stevie Wonder, the soundtrack also had an appearance from the one and only purple one, Prince with Chuck D and the Roots.

(9) Hav Plenty

Ok, I really didn't like the movie, I admit. But, the soundtrack was hot. What else would you expect if Babyface was one of the movie's Executive Producers? I am a fan of Des'ree and she and Babyface did the sexy "Fire". Queen Pen's "Rock da Body" was on the CD as well as Badu's "Ye Yo". Sexy soundtrack, booty movie.

(8) Higher Learning

This was an eclectic mix of music, very similar to the movie which had a very eclectic cast and original, albeit dramatic, telling of the college experience. The soundtrack had some of my favorite acts on it, including the Brand New Heavies, Raphaeel Saadiq (who wasn't singing "Ask of You" all the time?) and Zhane.

(7) Idlewild

A lot of people complained because many of the soundtrack's songs weren't in the movie. That makes sense, the anger, because it was kind of illogical that that happened. Particularly when the previous Speakerboxx 2-disc set from Outkast contained more of the memorable songs from the movie. However, the Idelwild CD still is a strong musical treat on its own and has some funky tunes including my favorite, "Morris Brown" and the lyrically fun "Hollywood Divorce"

(6) Car Wash

This goes without saying...the title track is STILL a dance floor hit for the 30 and over crowd.

(5) New Jack City

Christopher Williams, Keith Sweat Levert,Troop, Queen Latifah, and the cut "I Wanna Sex You Up"...this is a classic album, whether it was a soundtrack or not...

(4) Jungle Fever

"These Three Words", the title cut and "Sailing" were just some of the beautiful pieces on the CD that was entirely written and performed by the ever-excellent Stevie Wonder

(3) Waiting to Exhale

This Babyface creation had hit after hit but just because it was a pop hit didn't detract from its flava...the compilation was fiya...I mean, you have MJB on "Not Gon Cry", the 90s IT girl-group SWV and the under-appreciated Chante Moore making an appearance. Chaka Khan's version of "My Funny Valentine" is the soulful version often imitated since the CD's release while Faith Evans' "Kissing You" was a tender touch to a stellar A-list soundtrack.

(2) Boomerang

This soundtrack introduced us to the sexy and seductive voice of lady Toni Braxton. Who doesn't know by heart "Love Shoud Have Brought You Home"? In addition, we had PM Dawn's "Die Without You", Boyz II Men "End of the Road" and Tribe's "Hot Sex". This compilation was da bomb! I was in college when it came out and EVERYBODY had it on rotation.

(1) Love Jones

Many a ten or eleven year-old alive today probably was conceived when their parents popped in the CD to the movie Love Jones. This soundtrack gets the number one spot because it was chock full-- from beginning to end-- of selections that captured perfectly the vibe of the, modern, fun and tender. Trina Broussard's turn on the Minnie Ripperton tune "Inside of Me" introduced many to soulful singer while Cassandra Wilson's "You Move Me" is soul-churning each time you hear it. Of course you can't forget Dionne Farris' "Hopeless" or Lauryn Hill's "Sweetest Thing".


Sergio said...



Those two go on the top of any list of black film soundtracks PERIOD! I don't know who this Moon is, but somebody better school him

Danielle said...

Sparkle and Superfly are on my list as well. Curtis, Curtis, Curtis I miss you!

Invisible Woman said...

@sergio and danielle: from the choices on the list, I would say she might be fairly young, but her commenters were all over the Curtis Mayyfield thing....she'll find out :-)

Darkbrotha said...

umm where is New Jack City? that soundtrack was the bomb! and Friday?

oh New Jack City is #5, my bad, should have been #1 though...well where is Friday? :)

Moon said...

LOL...I love you all, invisiblewoman was right, they were ALL over me! I can't believe I left him off neither, so please forgive me:-)

BTW-- I'm a female, and I would like to think I'm young still! LOL

Sojournals said...

Moon, You would have had it if you were giving the top 10 list of Black films in the 90s.

#1Pound4Pound said...

The Best Man soundtrack was a good one too. I think Boomerang should be #1 though. Toni Braxton set it off with Love Shoulda Brought You Home and Give You My Heart. The Waiting to Exhale soundtrack was great too. Purple Rain soundtrack should be on the list too. I am glad Hav Plenty is on the list because I don't think the soundtrack or the movie got the love it truly deserved. Stevie Wonder rocked the Jungle Fever soundtrack.

Mahoganydymond said...

Now those are some good soundtracks..

RK said...

lemmie not diss, but...
i guess cause Isaac Hayes won an Oscar (white approval) for Shaft, we shouldn't include him, huh?

let's do it right (and in no particular order)

with LET'S DO IT AGAIN as a bonus

RK said...

one of those CLAUDINEs
was supposed to be CAR WASH