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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Today In B'Days

Like Sidney Poitier, his partner, Harry Belafonte is 81.

Me love Uptown Satuday Night. If you didn't know it before, you know it now. Here is the trailer from the film Harry was in, with Bill Cosby, Flip Wilson, Calvin Lockhart, and Rosalind Cash. LMAO at the announcer; the trailers were so different then--this was before the dude that narrates every single movie trailer was around:

Harry was, and still is, an amazing activist. This is a 3 minute video of his activism from BET, the ending is kinda corny, but it's informative:


Regina said...

I love Uptown Saturday Night! Me and my daughter and daughter in law just watched that last Saturday!
I didn't know that Harry was 81, Wow!

Invisible Woman said...

I never get tired of that movie. Harry's getting up there huh? He was so differnt in that movie.

bohemianabstractions said...

Happy Bornday Harry! Dag, I didn't realize he was that old.

Uptown Saturday night is one of my favorites!

Danielle said...

Love that movie! It's close to my heart like Cotton Comes To Harlem. Happy Birthday Harry, you still look beautiful!

thechocl8tdiaries said...

Lawdy Murceee...Harry Belafonte!! Happy Birthday Sir!

Invisible Woman said...

@BA: I could watch that movie every week

@danielle: I LOVE Cotton Comes To Harlem.

@chocl8t: he does radiate "call me sir" :-)