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Friday, February 29, 2008

Ten Films You Should See If You Love Black People

from the Ebony/Jet site by Jacquie Jones:

Julie Dash

In my opinion, this film captures the unspeakably beautiful poetry of the black experience in America more successfully than any other film ever made. Period. When it came out in the early 1990s, most critics couldn’t get past its breathtakingly epic cinematography, which was meticulously choreographed by director of photography Arthur Jafa. Dash and Jafa broke new ground with this film, experimenting heavily with formal elements, such as frame rate, to express the unique way a black culture forged from forced migrations and slavery looks and moves. But Daughters is also a story of African Americans becoming just that, leaving a broken and painful past and embracing emerging identities as the twentieth century began. A second look now might reveal some insights about the transformations we are undergoing again as we shake off our civil rights era selves and try out a new, let’s hope, more international black self.


Luscious Librarian said...

I love this film. Fortunately, I was blessed to go to a black private Catholic School and African-American history coursed through the veins of the curriculum, so we were able to see things like this.

It inspired me to visit the Gullah islands, to see how much of the culture is still intact. Haven't made it yet. Someday soon.

The True Urban Queen said...

I forgot all about this movie. I haven't seen it since it first came out. I am going to see if I can order it.
Also, what are good movies to share with my children? I am trying to find good black films for them. I don't allow them to watch rated r films, even if they are really good.

Invisible Woman said...

I wnat to see them too LL--I am in NC right now and was thinking of venturing over...

@TUQ: this movie you can definitely watch with your kids...I think it would be a good experience. Watch for all of the films in this series on Friday--I think you can share them all with your seeds.

Danielle said...

I saw this film when it first came out and it's like nothing I;'ve ever seen before. It gave me chills. Julie tapped into culture, the ancestors and the beauty of blackness in a way no has before.

This film should be required viewing.

eeaster said...

Hey, thanks for doing this and thanks for the shout-out to --Eric from

Invisible Woman said...

@danielle: hopefully some reading this blog will be motivated to see it

@ee: it's a good article--we all have to give love to each other and Ebony/Jet is always an icon

Lovebabz said...

OOOO this is my FAVORITE FILM! the first time I saw I feel madly in love. It was just beautifully shot! Oh my you have won me over!