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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gary Parties Like It's 1999...

I don't know if Gary is leaving CSI to make more movies or make more time to party. Either way he better slow his roll. Spotted on D-Listed:

Gary Dourdan of "CSI" was arrested in Palm Springs yesterday on suspicion of possessing heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and prescription drugs. TMZ reports that the cops found him asleep in his car at 5:21 in the morning. He was taken to a Palm Springs jail where he later posted $5,000 bail and was released.

From IW: Damn! At least wait till you get home. What is up with all these celebs flying high while driving? Shenanigans I tell ya.

btw, the pic is gary's mugshot


coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

Oh' okay...everything makes perfect sense now I get know why he looks like just rolled out from under a rock every time I see him.

clnmike said...

Damn I am so disappointed. Has the world at his finger tips. I hope he doesnt just fade out, like my girl Lisa Nicole Carson, she got caught up self medicating with cocaine havent heard from her since.

MsMarvalus said... that why Lisa Nicole fell off?! I DID not know that...

::walks away muttering::

Danielle said...

Gary, Gary, Gary! The jig is up! Leave the damn drugs alone.

Undercover Black Man said...

It's a daggone shame.

Lisa Nicole, I believe, has a mental illness. If she was self-medicating, it's because there was something in need of medicating.

I miss her.

Nic said...

Gary, Gary, Gary!!! Wow!!!

clnmike said...

They said she is bi- polar thats what got her started, supposedly she is clean now and taking it easy.

focusedpurpose said...

hi there-

i am sorry to hear this.

on a different level it explains something that i once saw.

my guy likes to watch a show called unique whips. mr. man got a charger all whipped. he wanted to make it look like the general lee complete with the confederate flag in red black and green.???

the hispanic men that got this request were visibly horrified. i kept rewinding to make sure i wasn't tripping. my brown brothers simply put that red black and green confederate flag on the inside of mr. man's car.

so, all the drugs helped me get an understanding. thanks IW!:-) i like to stand in the light of understanding.

hope he gets it together. soon. i think he has child/children.

blessings all,

Anonymous said...

Damn Gary, stupid move man.

Invisible Woman said...

@coloredgirls: he usually does look a bit rough around the edges, yes? this explains a lot.

@clnmike, ms. m, and UBM: Lisa's problem was really, really sad--she wasn't hiding her drug usage at all, would sing at the top of her lungs in public places, things like that. She went to the psych ward as well as rehab. It might've permanently done her damage, cause there has been no sign of life from her at all in acting.

@danielle; that is really just too much going on at once, for sure

Invisible Woman said...

@nic: what can you say to something like this? something is obviously causing him pain in his life to go so overboard--it's sad, cause he has so many gifts.

@focusedpurpose: really?! damn. must be the effects of the ecstasy/cocaine/heroine combo. my girlfriend says he always drives it around like the Duke car too, wheels squealing and everything.

@BHC: stupid and sad.

Urban Thought said...

I've watched this man make it in the world. Continue to work and get parts and such. When he got on CSI I was happy for two reasons... One, he is a brother and two, he had a role that wasn't crackish.

Now I see he does crack in his spare time and is sleeping in cars with the drugs on him. Gosh... You have money, hop in a cab or get a car service.

Secondly, is drugs really necessary? You think that people with money and fame would be smarter because it takes so much to be that big. But they are just as regular and ordinary as the rest of us with a higher profile position in the world. Sad that he couldn't be the clean and employed dude. He now has to be unemployed with a mug shot and a drug addiction.

When will these people learn? Nothing good comes from using drugs. Nothing.

::please don't take 'these people' as an offense.::

Invisible Woman said...

@UT: You make a very good point, and that's real talk. He has soiled an image in one night that it took him years to build.

And no offense at "these people", cause that could mean anything, lol.

The Obenson Report said...

Urbanthought said, "You think that people with money and fame would be smarter because it takes so much to be that big. But they are just as regular and ordinary as the rest of us..."

That about sums it up for me. It's somewhat refreshing actually... yeah, he fucked up, but in some backwards way, it brings people like him back down to earth with the rest of us where they really belong. And, like most of the rest of us, I hope he learns something from the experience. But maybe like some of us, he won't.

Coincidentally, (or maybe it was intentional) the storyline for last night's CSI episode revolved around his character's adiction to some kind of narcotic.

DB said...

he was having a GOOD night up until about 5:15 or so.

chocl8t said...

What a disappointment. I used to think this guy was soooooo HOT!! But DAYUM!!! JUST....DAYUM!!!!

The Fitness Diva said...

Sad to know. I thought he had his ish together. Shouldn't be wasting that CSI money like that. He could be doing so much more.

The Fitness Diva said...

Yo, chocl8t, back when he had the dreads on A Different World I thought he was one of the most gorgeous mem alive!

SjP said...

Damn! SjP

Wonder Man said...

This is a shame, I thought he was doing good and getting his name out there.

Invisible Woman said...

@obenson: damn--they could have had some class and cut that episode...I hope he does learn, and I hope he heals himself from what is making him medicate so heavily

@db: you are so crazy--lol!!

@chocl8t and fitness diva: I used to think he was hot too...the hottest with the dreads--me and my girls used to call him "peanut butter". Now he looks like a used the mighty have fallen...

@sjp: agreed!

@wonderman: I thought he was doing well, too....I guess you never know.