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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Live From L.A.

The Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF) has announced the initial line-up of official selections for the 9th annual competitive festival for Black filmmakers, to be held June 3rd, 8th , 2008 in Beverly Hills, CA. The slate includes 51 shorts, 11 student films, 2 animated films and 2 music videos. The roster of narrative and documentary features will be announced on April 14th.

HPFF, dubbed "The Black Sundance," is an annual, six-day celebration of Black cinema, serving as a forum to showcase the talents of Black filmmakers and enhance appreciation for Black filmmaking. The festival has become a focal point for Hollywood's African-American creative community, attracting producers, executives, screenwriters, film and television personalities, aspiring artists and diverse audiences from Southern California and around the world.

To see the complete list of featured films, click HERE.


Danielle said...

IW - what are your thoughts on the efficacy of Film Festivals? Do unknown's really get a chance at the big time with respect to distribution and studio deals?

P.S. click on my name and see my replacement for WOTS. Hope you likey!

Invisible Woman said...

At this point, unfortunately, I don't think the festivals help the filmmakers and those involved on a large scale. But I keep supporting, and encourage others to do the same, cause that's the only way things will change.


IW-hey girl! :) will the Black Sundance be publicized (even a little bit) as compared to the non-Black Sundance??

Invisible Woman said...

Hello Bria :-)

The answer is simple. No.