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Friday, April 18, 2008

Old School Music Friday

In honor of "Claudine", one of my favorite movies of all time, coming on Saturday AND Sunday on TV One this weekend, this is my selection. I actually posted this in July, but since I had less than 200 readers that month (damn!) you probably didn't see it, haha.

This is by far one of the best soundtracks of all time. Gladys is amazing, as is Curtis Mayfield, once again:

btw, there is no excuse not to see this if you have cable and have never seen it before....see it this weekend! Here is a clip of Claudine hiding her things (and her man) from the "welfare lady":

Electronic Villager Chatting Over Cocktails Ms Grapevine Quick Cassandra Danielle
Lisa C Chocl8t DP Kreative Talk MarvalusOne Regina LaShonda AJ Sharon
Dee SJP sHaE-sHae songs in the key of life


Nic said...

IW, get out of my head!!!

I have been listening to "Make Yours A Happy Home" and "The Makings of You" from the soundtrack!!! Claudine is one of my favorite movies. I think my "favorite" scene is when Claudine finds out her daughter is pregnant and beats her with the hair brush. Lawd have mercy!!! That's real!!!

You'll find this interesting: I remember reading an interview with Taraji P. Henson where she said she had been talking to your beloved baby wipes lover about remaking 'Claudine'. She would play Dianne's part and Terrence would reprise James Earl Jones' role. Can't you just see it???

Danielle said...

I've never seen the movie and don't have cable but will get my hands on it for sure.

I love Fridays!

Have a great weekend.

I played OSF too with Ritchie Havens

iriegal said...

Cool choice of Old school. I know Aretha is the Queen of Soul, but nobody got nothing on my girl Gladys.

I love Claudine, I just bought it about a month ago. Sadly, I "DO" remember when the social worker visited and my Oldest Sister use to hide stuff all over the place. The really did do that in the 70's and it was demeaning to any blacks

Danielle said...

I loved that film so much. Thanks for posting IW.

MrsGrapevine said...

You just reminded me this movie is coming on TV One. I hate watching it with commercials, but it's worth it just to see a different side of Diane Carol and James Earl Jones.

Regina said...

AAAWWW MAN!!! This is one of my favorite movies (that I just watched on Wednesday!)! And the makings of you (original & Angie Stone version) are in rotation in my blog music player!

Regina said...

Sorry I got excited!!
Curtis Mayfield was the soundtrack king back then!

Villager said...

Happy OSF! I have not see the full Claudine movie. Perhaps I'll check it out this weekend on your recommendation.

re: Gladys Knight. I never really got into Gladys Knight and the Pips much over the years. I'm not sure why I've hesitated to give her the props she has earned...

My Old School Friday posting today features The Whispers.

peace, Villager

Chocl8t said...

O.MI.GOD!!! Can I tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie Claudine!!! I haven't seen it in a minute!!

Thanks IW for a movie idea and the music!!!

SjP said...

Much obliged for stopping by yesterday. Sorry SjP's was in such a mess - but glad you go a chance to listen to a little Frankie. Gladys know she can sang! SjP

Invisible Woman said...

@nic: no way! Taraji would overact that part to death, and TP doen't have enough personality to play JE Jones' part! I hope that NEVER sees the light of day.

@danielle: saw your Ritchie Havens--very original, good choice. You MUST see Claudine, tho.

@iriegal: I couldn't even imagine living like that. If they tried that mess today welfare would be shut down!

@danielle: now that there are 2 danielles here, I have to look closely to see which is which, lol.
Claudine is one of those movies I can watch repeatedly, and that is rare for me.

@mgv: I just got DVR, and let me tell you it makes a HUGE difference. I just record what I want to watch and skip through the commercials. I love it.

Invisible Woman said...

@regina; you know, I don't think I've ever heard the Angie Stone version...I must check it out---thanks.

@villager: Not diggin' Gladys? omg! What's not to like? But I guess I understand, I've never, ever been into Whitney Houston, and I never will. She gets serious love from folks.

@choc: hey girl. you have great taste! ;-)

@sjp: I didn't notice a mess...hmmmm. I do know that I love me some Frankie!

Vivrant Thang said...

I just love the whole concept you have going here. Just had to say that.

Anyhow, not familiar with this song or the Claudine soundtrack in its entirety but have seen the movie. It's one of the ones I prefer to watch straight through as well.

And um, I vote no on Taraji and Baby Wipes reprising those roles. Nothing immediately comes to me. But um, no.

Invisible Woman said...

Thank you Vivrant---I like your blog too :-)

To have those two in that movie would be an abomination---but most remakes are these days :-(

Nic said...

@iw: I guess I was fantasizing about seeing baby wipes in those flowered pants JEJ wears in the movie. That alone would be worth the price of one ticket. LOLOL!!!

BTW, did you ever get a chance to read the Uptown mag article?

Invisible Woman said...

@nic: yeah, he would probably feel quite at hme wearing those, lol.

I asked Mike G. about it; he said it hadn't been published yet.

Nic said...

@IW: I've been looking for that issue of Uptown but haven't been able to find it.

I've only seen the cover and why, oh why, is Terrence on the cover with his pants legs pulled up over his knees with NO SHOES and NO SOCKS. Why?

Invisible Woman said...

@nic: No way? LMAO!!

I don't know if you read my comment above, but Mike (who wrote it) said the issue isn't out yet. I can't wait to read it!