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Friday, April 18, 2008

Random Movie News....

I finished watching "Street Kings" last night. It was aiiight, but a movie with Forest Whitaker, Cedric The Entertainer as a drug dealer, Terry Crews, the Game, and Common as a cop gone very, very bad should have been a bit more attention grabbing. It was serviceable, though; it very much reminded me of a Clint Eastwood cop movie from the 70's. Just replace Keanu Reeves with Clint and you wouldn't know the difference. Come to think of it, that would have made the movie more interesting.

Is this going to be the new trend for Black filmmakers? Since those in our community with pockets deep enough to build an independent film studio/distribution company seem unwilling to do so, it seems the thing to do is go dry-begging overseas. First Spike had to go to Italy, now Danny Glover with this, a project very worthy of American funding:

Venezuelan politicians are donating nearly $30 million to back an independent movie directed by actor Danny Glover, a supporter of the country's President Hugo Chavez. "Toussaint," a film about Haitian rebel leader Toussaint Louverture, will be produced by Glover's Louvertoure Films with support from the Cinema Villa, Venezuela's state film studio. (btn)

It is a shame our great talents have to resort to this, but I am glad they get the money they need to make coon-free films.

I was just saying the other day that someone should make a film about the Negro Baseball League. And guess what? I'm sure someone has, but wasn't able to get the funding. Of course it is up to someone non-black to pick up the slack. From Variety:

ESPN Films has agreed to co-produce the film planned for theatrical release about legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson and Brooklyn Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey and their struggle to break baseball's color barrier in the late 1940s. The untitled project will be produced by Robert Redford and Tracy Falco, Howard and Karen Baldwin (Baldwin Entertainment Group), and Andrew Cohen. The project is being developed by Robert Redford's Wildwood Enterprises and Baldwin/Cohen Productions, with Redford starring in the role of Rickey.

This probably means another Black story will be told from a non-black perspective once again. But at least it's Robert Redford; I always respect that he makes movies for grown-ups.

And finally, there have been a number of pictures floating on the internets this week, and all I have to say is "What Is Really Going On?" as a caption for every one of them.....

what is really going on with Eddie Murphy's birthday cake? Is it even edible?

*sigh* what is really going on?

what is really going on idris? are you out to suck the hot you garnered on 'the wire' down to zero? mission accomplished!

Al, Al , Al....what is really going on with the 70's Robert Evans fake tan and blowdried hair? I never would have expected this from you, of all people....

snoop, what is really going on with this outfit and jheri curl look? I knows you get high, but damn.

100% pure fuckery.


Urban Thought said...

I saw the movie last night. I thought it was good. I just didn't understand the part when the guys got at Keanu and they called him a white boy. I know he isn't all white. Not sure what exactly he is but it is funny how he is OK with that. I know its a character and all that but... Anyway... Great movie. I was happy with Hugh's part. Good to see him outside of HOUSE.

Fuckery... You are on a roll with the line up. Funny shit. Funny shit.

Wanda said...

i havent seen the movie. didn't sound appealing to me and they must not be promoting it very well because i didn't even know it had come out.

IW, lay off Idris okay? Everybody makes a mistake now and then! :)

Wanda said...

ps. that last guy is Steve Harvey's bodyguard and that pic is a hot ass mess!

madame z said...

I have to wonder (KEANU) what possible place can you go after the awesomeness that is and was The Matrix saga? Oh yeah, you go here. :( I won't go see the flick; will wait to rent it at the Blockbuster up the street in six months.

madame z said...

Danny Glover has been trying to get Toussaint off the ground for a hot minute. It's taking TOO LONG. Last time I check, Jonathan Rhys Meyers had signed on... And Cheadle and Chiewtol (sp?). I read a book entitled Toussaint Louverture by Madison Smartt Bell in partial-preparation for this story, although there's more out there dealing with the subject. Still, happy to hear that the film is once again making some progress. I hope Glover and company does the story justice.

madame z said...

My grammar is atrocious in both of my previous posts. Forgive me. It's Friday. LOL.

Danielle said...

Don't even get me started on the lack of entrepreneurial work going on w/studios/production companies spear headed by black folk.

I am skipping this film because I'm not interested in paying to see Keanu in anything other than Matrix films. LOL

I want Toussaint to get off the ground because his story needs to be told. It chaps my ass that Danny has to look elsewhere for funding, but I want to see it on the big screen.

I don't know how I feel about Redford/Robinson. I usually respect Redford as a director, but he & Will got MAJOR side eye for that "Magical Negro" Baggar Vance nonsense.

Oh Al. What's up homey?

I have NO words for Jermaine. He still has that hair from his first album.

Villager said...

It makes me sad to see Jermaine lookin' like that. Oddly enough, I was giving the Jackson family credit for Randy on American Idol. My 10-year old daughter schooled me last month that he's not the same Randy that I grew up with in the post Jackson 5 days. Who knew?

I was gonna ask who the cowboy humping the lion was ... but, I see that he is a bodyguard. So, I'll ask my other question. What does 'fuckery' mean?

peace, Villager

MsMarvalus said...

Damn, damn, damn at them damn Steve Harvey tomfoolery pics! And LMAO at do you explain "fuckery" to someone?

The rest of these pics...I have no words...except for that damn Eddie Murphy cake...that is sooo GAY!!!

aulelia said...

shit, did anyone see Jermaine in celebrity Big Brother UK at all ? he was in it i think it was last year or something. He was AWFUL but strangely lovable. He looks like he is permanently wearing foundation.

Undercover Black Man said...

More fuckery, please.

Too funny, IW.

Villager said...


IW, come by and pick up your award when you have a moment...

peace, Villager

focusedpurpose said...


hilarious! you made me laugh out loud. loudly. thanks! i needed that:-)

blessings sis,

Invisible Woman said...

@UT: Thanks :-) Maybe I was a bit harsh on the film--I really do like thrillers and it wasn't bad. It was nice to see Hugh in it--he's got the American accent down, yes?

@wanda: I know right? I thought it was strange that they had all of those names and I barely heard about it--what's up with that?

Idris should know better! I don't want to see him like that again! haha

As for Steve's body guard--I saw him and this fool posing together in some zesty-ass photo shoot. Fail!

@madame z: lol! don't worry--I do that too. sometimes I'll read my comments later and they seem like they were written by an illiterate!

I'm holding out hope for Glover's movie---tho I'm not loving the fact that the lead is played by a non-black that can't really act, imo. One day we will be able to tell a Black story from a Black perspective with no problem.

And Street Kings is definitely worth a DVD rent, just not box office admission.

Invisible Woman said...

@danielle: I thought street kings would have been much better if someone else besides Keanu were in the lead. I read a review that the movie was like a video game, and he was like an avatar. Spot on.

I agree about Bagger Vance. that was Redford's one misstep, and it was a doozy!

LMAO at Jermaine's hair from his first album--haha!

@at Villager---now that Randy story is funny---you should get out more often :-) Just kidding--the less you know about AI the better...

How do I explain fuckery? Hmmmm--shenanigans, coonery, ridiculosity, semi-naked men on wooden lions. Did I come close?

@ms. m: I don't know how to explain the term, but I tried! As for that cake, I have never seen anything like it. It seems to be for display purposes only...and did they have the nerve to make the main picture from Pluto Nash? Balls, I tell ya!

@aulelia: I always wanted to see that version, but I couldn't find it here in the states. I did read a lot about it, tho. There must be something loveable and/or interesting about Jermaine to keep him out in the press for so long with absolutely NOTHING going on.

Invisible Woman said...

@UBM: I'll post more fuckery today just for you :-)

@villager: Ok! I'll be right over after posting!

@focusedpurpose: I am SO glad I can make you laugh--you are really a serious gal (but in a good way). I hope I can do that for you from time to time :-)

Ehav Ever said...

I have to give it to you IW. You are really funny. I think you need your own Ipod show or video show to go along with your blog. What cracks me up the most is the terminology.

I really hope that Toussaint is made, but if Danny is having to go this route to get funding I am wondering about the quality of the film. Then again anything is possible. My mother once bought me a Toussaint comic, about his life, that she found. It was one of my favorites.

I also can't believe that Pluto Nash is at the top of that Murphy Mountain thing. I won't call it a cake as not to offend the cake community. If that was his top highlight film God help us all. I still have nightmares of the night I paid money to see Pluto Nash. (I was young and impressionable. I was naive to hope for the best.)

That picture of Jermaine looks like he got pressed in one of those dry cleaning machines. As for snoop, a grown man still calling himself snoop speaks for itself.

The bodyguard on the lion reminds me of that Seinfeild episode where George made some photos for the woman at the photo shop, and a guy at the photo shop got a hold of them and made his own in response. I also for second thought that was George Foreman, I thought to myself those Foreman grills must not be selling as well.

Invisible Woman said...

@ehav: you had me rolling, especially about that cake and Jermaine... lol! Dude does favor George Foreman, yes? This looks like something outrageous he might do, too