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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random Movie News....

And I mean hecka random. Sergio sent me these tidbits last week, but I've been in slack mode. You might have seen these movie announcements somewhere else, but for those who haven't here they are:

First up, from AOL:

Brett Ratner is in negotiations to direct Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment's remake of 'The Incredible Shrinking Man.' Brian Grazer is producing the project, which has Eddie Murphy attached to star.

The Hollywood Reporter states that an updated version of the best-selling novel and 1957 sci-fi classic starring Grant Williams, 'Man' is taking the comedic approach to the fantastical material, telling the story of a famous Las Vegas magician who is put under a spell that causes him to shrink. He must find a way to reverse the spell before he gets so small that he 'disappears.'

Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant penned the most recent draft of the screenplay for the project, which had previously seen Pete Segal and Keenen Ivory Wayans in the director's chair

From IW: Dang, even Keenan Wayans moved on from this mess? Eddie is solidifying his morph process into Jerry Lewis.

Next is a film that might be awesome if anyone else was attached to star. From Variety:

Halle Berry will star in and produce psychological drama "Frankie and Alice" for indie shingle Access Motion Pictures in association with Reality Pictures in Motion.

Story follows a young woman struggling with multiple personality disorder and torn between who she is and a racist Caucasian alter-personality that preys upon her mind. No production start date has been set.

"Frankie and Alice" is the second independent production for Toronto-based Access Motion Pictures, which recently completed "Phantom Punch," a Sonny Liston biopic starring Ving Rhames and directed by Robert Townsend.

From IW: If only Angela Bassett or....anyone else could do this role. *sigh* Never mind....

You probably heard this one. Keshia Knight Pulliam is gonna play a prostitute in "Madea Goes To Jail". Everyone seems to be up in arms over this, but I'm sure ol' girl has bills to pay, and what else have we seen her in lately? Besides, truth be told, if you read the gossip blogs she is waaay past Rudy on the Cosby show.

And speeding in on the "Just Why?" train and narrowly missing one of my "WTF Volumes" is this...from Yahoo:

A "Soul Train" movie is on track to arrive in movie theaters next year, the creator of the venerable urban dance television show said on Thursday.

Don Cornelius told Reuters that he has teamed up with Warner Bros. Pictures to develop a buddy comedy that he hopes will spawn multiple sequels.

The project, currently called "Soul Train: The Movie," revolves around two male dancers on the show who get into "a lot of good stuff and some bad stuff as well," said Cornelius, who will serve as a producer.

It features "lots of music, lots of comedy," he added, as well as "a little bit of violence." He also promised it would be "more than slightly sensual."

"'Soul Train' has always been about sexuality," Cornelius said. "It's almost never been about guys, and almost always about girls. It's what has kept us afloat for these three decades or so."

From IW: What? I can't even comment on all that's wrong with Don and his "genius". Might be time for the home for the elderly....

By the way, the picture above is of some of the original "Soul Trainers". Come to think of it, those dudes look as zesty as that story idea sounds...

Did anyone else see "88 Minutes"? I could not figure out for the life of me why Al Pacino never seemed pressed even once that he had like an hour and a half to live. Not once. Didn't even break a sweat. I love thrillers, but save this one for Showtime, straight up.

And finally, thanks to Villager for bestowing on me the "E For Excellence Award" for my blog. It is wonderful to be recognized amongst your peers, and with the work he does over at Electronic Village makes me proud that he took the time to recognize me and mine. Check him out when you have a chance---he always has very important and relevant information about our folkses and our community. He is building something over there that we can all be proud of.


Nic said...

IW, again you are reading my mind.

I said the EXACT same thing when I read about the Halle movie. If only, Angela Bassett or Kimberly Elise could do this role. Hell, I think even Paula Patton could bring more weight to this role than Halle. Oh well...

Urban Thought said...

That movie Berry is supposed to play in sounds a lot like Neo Ned with Gabrielle Union.

Time for the Don to call it quites and allow the Train to retire.

Danielle said...

I'm done. Just done.

La Diva Sim said...

Halle will bring something interesting to this movies even if it does sound like she hired somebody to write a script tailored just for her. A black woman with a white alter ego?? Not a big stretch for our girl Halle.

Actually Alfre Woodard or Sanaa Lathan would do this role some justice, but Angela Bassett playing a white racist we will never see. She'd laugh at the person who offered her that script. (smile) The funny thing is she'd be great in it...

Keisha is only smart to take any role in a Tyler Perry movie. His films always make money.

Havent we seen 88 minutes before? The storyline sounds like too many movies I've already seen. Sorry you wasted your money on this one, IW.

Invisible Woman said...

Hi La Diva...long time no see :-)

Sorry, don't find Halle interesting in any way, but I do agree that Alfre or Sanaa would make me actually pay to see it.

88 Minutes I saw for free on someone's advance copy, thank God...

@nic: I thought the same thing about Kimberly and almost mentioned her name in this post....

@UT: I agree about Don--he is just like Dick Clark, even a debilitating stroke won't make him sit down!

@danielle: me too...

madame z said...

Hmmm....A Soul Train movie? Why Jesus Why? LOL. Oh well. I guess if there's been a American Bandstand movie made....

Wait, there hasn't! LOL. Maybe it'll be good and not as zesty as these old images might imply.

Halle's movie, yeah, okay. I agree with Urban Thought; it sounds something akin to Neo Ned which has been done and went straight to video (I'm waiting on the release of it). I don't hate on Halle's acting skills, but with her past three/four endeavors it's like, "how much more do I want to see her cry...and sigh?" LOL. Hmmm.

Congrats on your Award!

clnmike said...

Must say I dont look foward to Halle's movies anymore it's like she is going the Cuba gooding route. I hate that she is behind the movie about the texas sherif that arrested damn near all the black men in to his town on trumped up drug charges. I just know she is going to fuck that one up.

As for Keshia Knight Pulliam I dont see what every one is up set about this kid has hit rock bottom and needs a break. Tlyer will give her that. I got the porno she stared in made me look at that Cosby cast a whole knew way.

WaywardJam said...

@madame z - I'm with you on the sobbing Halle roles. Enough already.

I don't think she's as bad as Cuba, yet. Let's hope she never is. Cuba (and Eddie even more so) have become such disappointments.

Anonymous said...

I looove Al Pacino!

He loves black women too! So does his buddy Robert D! And so does Clint E!



Invisible Woman said...

@madame Z: I must admit, I am curious to see how a Soul Train movie would turn out...

I have to see Neo Ned. I'm sure Halle will be crying in this story too, tho :-(

@clnmike: she was in a porno? A real one? damn!

@waywardjam: hello there :-)
Nobody is as sad and disappointing as Cuba. Not even Eddie--at least he's rich.

@anonymous: I'll always love Al, no matter what.

Bygbaby said...

"Halle Berry will star in and produce psychological drama "Frankie and Alice" for indie shingle Access Motion Pictures in association with Reality Pictures in Motion." Another BO flop for America's sexiest Mulatto!!!


Bygbaby said...

me again
"You probably heard this one. Keshia Knight Pulliam is gonna play a prostitute in "Madea Goes To Jail"." Yes, I swear I saw her on a Booty Talk DVD...


Invisible Woman said...

@bygbaby--that wine you were drinking turned you into a comedian...lmao!

somebody else said she was in a porno---was that really her?