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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So All We Get AreThe Raiders?

The Wayans brothers have dropped their bid to build a movie studio and shopping center at the former Oakland Army base over conflicts with the nearby port of Oakland.

Wayans business partner Britten Shuford said the brothers failed to get a commitment from the city to preserve the site's San Francisco Bay views.

The port plans to stack storage containers and build a dividing wall that would block views of the bay.Oakland business officials say the Wayans' decision to back out after long-standing negotiations over the 100-acre (40-hectare) parcel clears the path for other proposals on developing the base, which closed in 1999.Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums has released a list of 13 other developers interested in building on the site. (pr-inside)

From IW: Even tho I sometimes have issues with the Wayans, and I love my hometown, I feel that this was a very, very stupid move on Oakland's part.

thanks freshplays for the pic

UPDATE: Ooops, my bad...from "A Better Oakland":

People seem to be upset all of a sudden (or maybe just again) about the fact that the Wayans Brothers are no longer interested in bringing their movie studio to the Oakland Army Base. First of all, I don’t even get why this is news now, since they canceled their ENA last year. Why on earth would anyone then expect them to respond to an RFQ? I also don’t get why people seem to think this is a bad thing. The City didn’t do anything wrong here, except maybe wasting too much time working with the Wayans, who simply could never get their act together. We gave them years to bring a real proposal to the Council, and they never did it. The City Council approved a 12 month exclusive negotiating agreement in June 2005, and it took them 8 months to sign the agreement. By that time, the ENA length had increased to 18 months. During those 18 months, they failed to meet nearly every deadline, or produce a viable proposal for the land. We gave them another 4 months in July 2007, and they pulled out a month later because they apparently hadn’t noticed in the previous 2 years that the land is next to a Port. They’ve totally failed to demonstrate that they’re capable of building anything. It’s time to move on.

From IW: so Wayans = trifling. Come to think of it, this is a bit more believable than the first version....


Danielle said...

Typical Drop Squad like behavior from my favorite family. My truck is full of gas and ready to go at a moments notice.

Look both ways crossing the street you knuckleheads. As far as I'm concerned, Oakland is better off without triflin' individuals.

Invisible Woman said...

Girl, don't get ta cuttin'!

Thembi said...

@danielle - props for mentioning Drop Squad!

I don't think this is a loss for film or for Oakland - all that was going to come out of that buidling was more "Little Man". Shawn Wayans is also like a buttered popcorn jellybean ...not quite right but kinda tasty. I wish Marlon would take just a few acting classes and pursue a serious acting career. Maybe its just my crush on him talking but I think he's the most well-rounded talent of the bunch.

The Fitness Diva said...

Ugh! One step forward...

The Wayans now have the $$$$ and the chance, like many other affluent black athletes and celebs, to get out here and get down to some serious biz in the off screen world. Why the hell can't some just get it together? I swear!

I would like to see Shaun Wayans get more serious about his craft. I can see him doing well as a serious actor. He needs to break out of that comedy mode and expand his horizons.
Another handsome, black male lead with good acting chops would be refreshing right about now. Boris Kudjoe can't continue to carry that mantle all by himself! ;)

Invisible Woman said...

@ thembi: OMG--your Shawn reference was so funny, but so on point! haha

Ya know, I love that you mention Marlon's dramatic skills. I sat in on a dramatic reading he did once and he was amazing---I assume you saw "Requiem For A Dream". He is so much better at drama...hope he gets it in his head soon.

@fitness diva: not a big fan of Shawn or Boris' acting skills, but the Wayans have the money, resources, and connections to make amazing things happen. Is it a cultural problem that we can't get it together? The East Indians and Africans are on point!