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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This And That....

Okay, feeling a bit lazy this week folks, so I'm gonna put a buncha stuff in this one post while I have the energy....

Let's start off with the Negro that is partially responsible for this week's sleepiness with Hollywood:

Ice Cube continues to build on his movie biz dynasty, recently inking a deal with Dimension Films to make "Janky Promoters", Cube's first script since the last installment of his Friday series.

According to Daily Variety, Ice Cube will write and act in the Janky Promoters, which he's also producing alongside Cube Vision partner Matt Alvarez.

Janky Promoters will star Cube and another actor as unprepared music promoters working to book a big-name hip-hop artist at a California venue where everything seems to go wrong.

A director will also soon be attached to the project and with casting expected to begin immediately, Dimension head Bob Weinstein is hoping to cast a marquee level rapper to star in the film.

"This feels a lot like Uptown Saturday Night to me, a caper film where you have these music promoters who are slightly shady but are good enough guys that you root for them," Weinstein told Daily Variety. "This is going to be R-rated, and it appeals right to the core of Cube's audience."

Weinstein also shared details about Cube's deal adding, "He's producing the movie, sharing in the funding, so it's more complicated than previous deals we've made with Cube. He's a brand, like Tyler Perry, and that's the direction he's headed in. We're happy to assist him in that because we believe in him."

From IW: Ummm, excuse me. Mr. Weinstein--can I talk to you for a second? Let's see here, how can I put this...WTF?!

This is wrong on so many levels, but too time consuming to talk about all the reasons why. So I'll start with the top 3:

A) Who keeps giving this Negro money to make these tired Larry, Curly and Moe movies?

B) "He's a brand, like Tyler Perry" Is this really what we need as a people? C'mon folkses!

C) "I see this as an Uptown Saturday Night" You wish! Keep chasing that rainbow, my friend.

Okay, I'm too grouchy for this mess this morning. I also got maximum level April Fool punked by the folks over at O Hell Nawl! They staged a phony corporate buyout of their site, and folks were heated, including me. You guys might want to check it out--it was genius, but I hate them so very, very, much.

love y'all

Let me post something to cheer me up--I wrote a "Milk Carton Alert" a couple months back about Michael Wright. I had a bonus Milk Carton Alert for Tico Wells and Troy Beyer. Well, look what I found in my mailbox:

Dearest Invisible Woman:

I had the great fortune of stumbling upon your website tonight. I want to acknowledge you for your commitment to keeping it current and real. Like you (smile) I have been invisible over the years,transforming my life and truly finding my gift so that I may be a gift to others. Over the last six years, I've earned my degree in Ontology and I've been leading transformational seminars for a global organization. In addition, I've recently completed my first book "Ex-Free", I'm earning my PhD in Psychology and my talk show is scheduled to begin airing in six months, "Troy Talk." I am forever grateful to anyone who cares enough to wonder where I went. I went to the mountain top after ruffling through the valleys but I'm back and again, thank you for wondering. I will bookmark your site and check you out often. Keep on keeping up!



From IW: She is the sweetest sweetie-pie....I love to read about people who have done so very many different things in their lives; all of them awesome. If she can go from being an actor, to a screenwriter, to director, to leading seminars on global organization, to getting a Ph.D, to having her own talk show, I think some of us out here can step it up too, yes?

Very inspiring, to say the least. Now you can quit looking for her Thembi and Cassandra :-)

Also, if you guys get a chance, check out some amazing Black Cinema posters here:

I put some up on here yesterday...thanks for the tip Mike G.


Thembi said...

wow@ Troy!

Our blogs are blowin up - make sure to stop by my place for your reader prize...

The Obenson Report said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Obenson Report said...

I think about Ice Cube about as much as I do about Tyler Perry... not much. But I can't "hate." It's all about the benjamins in each case. The Dimension label is the The Weinsteins "genre" label, so I wouldn't expect anything more or less.

Also, it's worth pointing out that those 2 brothers, Bob and Harvey, have been stretching themselves out a bit lately, going back to their deal with Robert Johnson and his Our Stories Films Inc, a couple of years ago. So, Ice Cube is in "good" company.

The woman called Troy lives after all? And doing very well I see. Kudos!

Cassandra said...

I am so happy that Troy is doing well.

I am so glad I can quit looking for her, she was proving more elusive than Waldo.

Los Angelista said...

Troy Beyer! Wow, that is a cool blast from the past. And please, let that script for the Ice Cube movie die. That sounds like a total disaster.

Undercover Black Man said...

Troy Beyer, indeed!

You know who's gonna be jealous? The Field Negro. As long as he's been searching for Lark Voorhies, he could only hope that one day she stumbles upon his blog like Troy did yours...

thechocl8tdiaries said...

Ice Cube rocks!

Oh Hell Nawl...I'm still salty about being punked too! LOL Evil azzes!

Good to hear that about Troy! So much better than just being the girl in Prince's "Sexxy M.F" video!! :) BTW...WTH is Ontology? Gots to get to Googling. LOL

MsMarvalus said...

Wow...Troy! Good peeps, indeed!

Um, miss me with that Ice Cube shit...

And that OHN prankassedness...I woke up in the middle of the night Sunday night like, "Oh snap, it's April Fools!" Cause that mess was really bothering me...

Shelia said...

Ya' never know who reads your blog.

That really was sweet of her to update you on what's up with her.

Thanks for sharing!

Invisible Woman said...

@thembi: you are soooo crazy lol

@tba: I have tried to ignore Cubevision, but it is all becoming too much--the Weinsteins are the downfall of western civilization

@cassandra: not Waldo!

@los angelista: you will definitely not get an argument from me on that one

@UBM: I almost want to track Lark down for him! She would be a good subject for a Milk Carton Alert, tho--hmmmmm

Invisible Woman said...

@chocl8t: I know---agitate the gravel! I thought the same thing when I read that too..."what the heck is Ontology?" haha

@Ms. M: When I meet Slaus n' nem I may have to do a drive-by, lol!

Nicole said...

It's great that Troy would take the time to comment. And yes, she definitely makes me feel like a lazy bum.

Invisible Woman said...

Me too, Nicole...

Jennifer said...

Wow, you go girl!

I am happy Troy reached out to you. I wondered what happened to a sister and to know she is happy is all that matters!

Love your blogs too!

Invisible Woman said...

@Jennifer-it seems like everyone wishes Troy well and I'm glad. What's not to like about her? And when you see people that are happy, it inspires you to do what you need to do to be happy too.