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Friday, April 4, 2008

Ten Films You Should See If You Love Black People

from the Ebony/Jet site by Jacquie Jones:

Kasi Lemons

The first time I saw this movie, I was honestly not too impressed. The second time, however, it got me. And I think this says a lot about the subtle power of this first feature by one of our most talented contemporary black filmmakers. This is one of the rare films that tries to reach into mystical African retentions and our nostalgia for the swampy south and actually succeeds in telling a story that feels very real and complex. It is also one of the rare films that pulls off being black and being Hollywood, albeit low budget.

From IW: This has always been in my personal top ten. For one, I love films about the supernatural---and it's black too? Over.

The clothes, the mood, the set design, the storyline, the beautiful actors...I love everything about this movie. Just wish more were made of it's caliber.


MsMarvalus said...

Eve's Bayou!? What?! This movie was just splendid! Definitely in my top ten too!

Shelia said...

Love it, love it, love it!

I wasn't initially crazy about this movie, but it grew on me. I kept going back because of Debbie Morgan, she's fabulous!

It became one of my favs.

Nicole said...

I love this movie but it always creeps me out, too. Definitely a great job all around, especially by Kasi Lemmons.

Danielle said...

Amen! Kasi Lemmons did some great work with this one. Who would've thought Megan Good would go from this to...well what really?

Exquisitely Black said...

Finally, someone else gets this movie. Definitely one of my favorites of all time. Love the supernatural elements, well acted by everyone - Debbie Morgan is incredibly underrated.

Thembi said...

Everytime someone calls Megan Goode a hobag I bring up this movie. Her career is a sad story these days but she must still have at least some talent...

tate's take said...

loved everything about the movie and was happy to see lynn whitfield in something that her to really use her acting chops.

aj said...

This was a good one. Didn't care for it initially but it grew on me. Samuel Jackson was my favorite in this one. said...


I totally agree with your commentary about this film. It is one of my favorites, as well.

"I love films about the supernatural"

So do I.

And yes; I too, had such high hopes for Megan Goode. I saw talent there.

Regina said...

I love this movie! and Debbie Morgan was simply Fab-U-Lous!! This is where I formed my lasting dislike (which has grown into hatred) of Megan Goode!
I just don't like the girl at all!
But I love the movie!

MrsGrapevine said...

I love this movie from the jump, and I even went to the movies to see it twice. I bought the VHS and I made my friends watch it over and over with me. It's certainly a powerful movie, and I heard the book is even better. Young jurnee smolett had a lot of spunk then.

Darkbrotha said...

i loved Eve's Bayou. that was back when i took Sam L serious about his career.

Wonder Man said...

I totally agree, this was a haunting, beautiful movie.

Invisible Woman said...

@MGV: great minds think alike

@shelia: and she STILL looks almost the same. Wasn't she in Mandingo or something like that in the 70s? She has got to be in her 50's and looks great.

@nicole: creepy in a good way. Not creepy like these horrible "Hostel" type movies.

@danielle: Meagan is my girl crush, so I can't say much, but admittedly she has fallen off...

Invisible Woman said...

@E. Black: Debbie should be getting waaaay more work. It's so unfair.

@thembi: see my comment to danielle

@tate's take: hey there--Lynn is a good actress...I hope she springs back from doing things like 'Confessions Of A Call Girl" and Mama I Want To Sing. *sigh*

@aj: it was one of the few times I liked Sam in a movie. Maybe because it's one of the few times he wasn't yelling.

Invisible Woman said...

@TBA: Meagan might come back in "Sundays In Fort Greene". Let's hope.

@regina--awww, don't be so hard on the girl :-( lol!

@MGV: Jurnee had spunk in The Great Debaters too!

@darkbrotha: It doesn't even register when I see Sam or hear his name's like background noise.

@wonderman: what's not to like, yes?

Shelia said...

Girrrl, you 'member Chicken George's son, Tom Harvey's (George Sanford Brown) daughter 'Lizabeth (Debbie Morgan)!

'Member when Papa(Tom Harvey) wouldn't let her date that high 'yella boy and she cried and did a lil' dance sayin' "jump dat crow Papa, jump dat crow." She was fantastic!

And then the high yella boy got killed and she went off to school and never married anybody. *sniff*

Then she had the big old Angie and Jessie saga on "All My Children." Jesse was killed 20 years ago and just showed back up on the soaps a couple of months ago.

I want to die on the soaps, cause you can always come back!

Kem Moseley said...

I felt Eve's Bayou the very first time I saw the film. However I must admit I was more for the productions and the movie acting quality, being able to show another side of the African American world. Coming out during a time, the market was saturated with Gang movies, and Ghetto rhetoric, this was a breath of fresh air. No matter how creepy it may seem.

I watched the film about 20 times and the more I watched the more I realized that we have great actors that Hollywood failed to produce on film, and if they do, they end up in bit parts that are far below their caliber. Minus Sam Jackson who does 20 movies a year( I respect that), you do not see the others as much, and if you do its in a film that does not showcase their entire talent.

Before I go I want to address that nothing happened to Samuel Jackson, he is still playing in great films, look at this months DVD release by the name Resurrecting the Champ, you will love it.

As far a Meagan Good is concerned she is not a Ho Bag, she is paying the bills. However jsut as Halle, and many other, she will build her clout and will hit the industry with her raw and untaped talent. She can begin to do that by taking parts with a little more range, even if its a glimpse. Jamie Foxx, did it in "Any Given Sunday," in which I was able to see his Oscar then.

The African American Has choices, but they have to enter Hollywood through a heavy door. So give them a chance, or lets ban together and create a studio and begin to put out these films as a team. Then we can Warn Them Brothers.

Invisible Woman said...

Wow kem, you had a lot on your mind, lol! Very well said by the way---thanks for taking the time to express...I agree with most of your points.

LMAO @Warn Them Brothers. I have been formulating doing a post on that same subject.

mahoganydymond said...

I am a southern girl to my name.. I also have this love for the Bayou. So when I see movies like this and also the Skeleton Key.. I am glued to the screen...

Invisible Woman said...

I liked the Skeleton Key too! Sadly, we are part of the few :-(